Jobless Claims Largest in (3) Months: Finding a Job is full time work

The job losses continue as our stock portfolio’s take a hit.

The latest jobless claims number for last week ending May 15, came out today with a surprise increase in claims: the largest in three months.  The Labor department said in its weekly report that jobless claims rose by 25,000 to 471,000.

This information makes job seekers just want to hide under their covers with their soy latte’s and hope all of this angst goes away!  As I have said many times to many people, there is no “easy” solution to a job search in this market.  But , if you are lucky to be collecting unemployment checks, you need to treat your job search as a full-time job and take your vacation once you’re back working.



Years ago,  when I had gotten laid off from a commercial real estate postiion and was collecting unemployment, I would go to Oak Street beach to work on my tan.  It was here where I met a displaced accountant who was also collecting unemployment.  She became my best friend and together we supported one another through our recent divorces and unemployment.

We even made the Chicago Tribune weekend section for an article on the stupid topic of “how long do you wait to eat before you can go into the water?” I still have the clip of us with our bellies hanging over our bikini’s waving to the camera man like we hadn’t a care in the world!

Well, those were the days!  Serious job seekers have no time for going to the beach to work on their tan.  But, they can find another unemployed “buddy” to connect with as they continue their quest to find a job.

In retrospect, it wasn’t the job interviews I remember from those difficult times of unemployment, it was the time I spent talking to my “buddy” about our past, our dreams, and who we were.  I slept on her sofa many times when I ran out of money for rent and said good-bye to her in tears when I finally landed a job.

So, remember in these difficult times that finding a job is a full-time commitment, yet look out for friends you can bond with along the way!


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  • Thanks for the information. Almost too good to be true! But, I'll check this out.

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