Happy Memorial Day: Employment in the military

There are many reasons people enlist in the
military for service.  Some feel it is their duty to serve our government
as their ancestors have before them.  Others serve to gain access to
college and some, for a career path with guaranteed employment and benefits.

Memorial Day-2010.jpgThere
are many personal reasons for enlisting, yet all serve our country while
protecting our freedom.  Though not perfect, the
United States is still the best
place in the world. It offers the best lifestyle and potential opportunities
for success.

unemployment close to 11% in many areas, contacting the military may be a
viable option for employment.  A huge misconception is that all the jobs
in the military are in combat.  This is just not the case.

The military has one of the largest budgets in
the government with at least 50% of the jobs being non combat.  Positions
range from managing a health club at a base to a recruiting position in human
resources. All of these jobs offer benefits and reasonable job security with
opportunity for advancement and career training.

biggest challenge for many job seekers is to find the jobs available. Rather
than just applying on-line for a position on the government website, I
recommend that you consider contacting the military bases in your area
directly. Find out who the hiring managers are in a department you have
experience in and network with them.  

if there are no jobs available at the base, you can get contact information
from them as to who you can call to submit a resume.  The idea is to cut
through some of the red tape that discourages job seekers from applying for
jobs with the government.

have always respected the military.  My uncle served in
Vietnam where he received a
Purple heart after he was severely injured when a fellow soldier stepped on a
land mine and was killed before his eyes.

visiting my uncle at
Great Lakes hospital in Illinois when I was 10,  I witnessed first hand the ravages of war.  Soldiers with no limbs, coping with their life as an amputee, were still smiling.  I will never
forget their faces.

this Memorial Day, I salute our brave, dedicated soldiers who protect our
lifestyle and freedom.  This day is all yours! Thank you for your service.

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