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Put Another Log On the Fire

This morning I had a song in my head but I couldn’t remember the words. The living room fireplace blistered and glowed orange as the tinny refrain of, “put another log on the fire…” played over and over. I had a dim recollection of Muppets singing with glee. Why couldn’t I get that song out... Read more »

Top Ten Feminist Movies for Parents and Kids

By Juliet Bond, October 30, 2014  Yesterday, Huffington Post published an article by Alana Vagianos listing twenty-one movies that changed the way she felt about herself as a woman. In general, I’d agree that there are some great movie choices on that list.  But I’d like to add a twist to the angle at which we... Read more »

What Do You Think About This F#cking Video?

There is a new video from FCKH8 and it’s one of those things that I want to get behind but can’t. Basically, it’s a montage of various adorable girls in princess costumes swearing a blue streak against unequal pay, rape and clothing restrictions for girls. I totally agree with the sentiment, I do.   I mean, F&*k... Read more »

The Color Pink

A few years ago, when my friend Robin gave birth to a baby girl, she spread out Olive’s baby gifts and placed her beautiful child in the center. Then she took this *picture… Did I mention that her daughter’s name is Olive?  Despite this, so many of Olive’s baby gifts were pink rather than green.... Read more »
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    Juliet C. Bond

    Juliet C. Bond is a writer and professor at Columbia College in Chicago. Her first book, "Sam’s Sister," was published in 2005, and has sold over 50,000 copies. She went on to collaborate with Newberry winner Joyce Sidman to publish the stage adaptation of "This is Just to Say." Juliet’s shorter works can be found in "The Prairie Wind," at storystudiochicago.com and citymusecountrymuse.com. Juliet serves as the Welcome Coordinator for The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators in Illinois, and has had the pleasure of working under the tutelage of award winning authors including; Jane Yolen, Jane Hamilton, Laurie Lawlor and Audrey Niffinegger. She chose the name for this space as an homage to Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony whose hard work on gender equality serve as daily motivation to continue fighting for girls and women everywhere.

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