30 Days of Bodyshaming - 2015

During Sexual Assault Awareness Month, "Not for Ourselves Alone" runs a special series called 30 Days of Bodyshaming, designed to give a voice to the many different experiences of girls and women. This series will feature guest posts by professors, writers, a cartoonist, young girls, and mothers. Gut wrenching and honest, these stories are presented in an attempt to bring about a deeper understanding of the plight of girls and women as we make our way in world that, for us, is hostile at its best and violent at its worst.

April 1 - The Body Matters by Marjorie Jolles

April 2 - Out of Body Experience by Faith Rice

April 3 - My Body Betrayed my Efforts to Stay Unnoticed by Marnie Galloway

April 4 - Tales of Sex and Judgement - Women's Clothing in Jerusalem by Hilary Faverman

April 5 - Too Many Low Self Image Stories to Count by Marlene Targ Brill

April 6 - It's What Happens Behind Closed Doors that Really Depicts the Truth by Julia Beebe

April 7 - Mixed Media by Anonymous

April 8 - The Moral of the Story by Leah Kintner

April 9 - I Was Still A Little Girl, I Was A Little Girl in A Bra by Debi Lewis

April 10 - The Day the Mirror Frowned Back by Carrie Goldman

April 11 - Adolescent Outfit by Juliet Bond

April 12 - My Limited Confidence Instantly Ran Away from Home by Rebecca Parmet

April 13 - Night Swimming by Denise Santomauro

April 14 - Showerbox by Juliet Bond

April 15 - Me and My Big Mouth by Marti Parham

April 16 - Skin Affliction by Faith Rice

April 17 - Legacies of Bodyshaming by June Terpstra

April 18 - If you count my fears by Anonymous

April 19 - Easy A by Jean Cozier

April 20 - The Grey Area of Rape Culture in the Black and White World of Jewish Orthodoxy by Esther Tova Stanley

April 21 - Lye-Tamed Curls and Other Abuses in My Quest for the Perfect Body by Cheryl Mcintosh-Lombardo

April 22 -  The Confidence Thing by Lilly (14)

April 23 - Title IX by Lisa Sukenic

April 24 - 15 Year-old You, 15 Year-old Me by Rina Campbell

April 25 - Dirty Laundry in Chicago by Aviela Deitch

April 26 - The Real Story Behind BMI (Blame My Image Testing) by Anonymous

April 27 - It's Fine, It's OK by C.W.

April 28 - Coded by Juliet Bond

April 29 - The Backlash About Being Honest About Child Molestation by Esther Tova Stanley

April 30 - A Teen Deconstructs Her Appearance by Maggie Wolf

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    Juliet C. Bond

    Juliet C. Bond is a writer and professor at Columbia College in Chicago. Her first book, "Sam’s Sister," was published in 2005, and has sold over 50,000 copies. She went on to collaborate with Newberry winner Joyce Sidman to publish the stage adaptation of "This is Just to Say." Juliet’s shorter works can be found in "The Prairie Wind," at storystudiochicago.com and citymusecountrymuse.com. Juliet serves as the Welcome Coordinator for The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators in Illinois, and has had the pleasure of working under the tutelage of award winning authors including; Jane Yolen, Jane Hamilton, Laurie Lawlor and Audrey Niffinegger. She chose the name for this space as an homage to Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony whose hard work on gender equality serve as daily motivation to continue fighting for girls and women everywhere.

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