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This GEEKend: Spider-Gwen signing, The Real World, and Doctor Who-palooza

I’m gonna be up front with you, gentle reader- I’m having a hard time writing tonight. I found out that my former employer has been reading this blog. Now, they are using GGC content to fight my unemployment claim. It isn’t illegal, but the “evidence” they cobbled together is strange and humiliating. I’ll write more about it... Read more »

Why I Turned Down an Invitation to Wizard World Chicago Comic Con 2013

This is a direct follow-up to yesterday’s article, Why I Won’t Be at Wizard World Chicago Comic Con 2013.  The initial post got some VERY passionate responses.  This is the tale of what happened after Wizard World noticed. *** “You would be not only respected and feared, you would be loved.” – Jorah Mormont, Game of Thrones... Read more »

Why I Won't Be at Wizard World Chicago Comic Con 2013

EDIT:  The story continues!  I’ve created a follow-up to this article.  Read it HERE. *** I’ve been mentioning Wizard World Chicago Comic Con for weeks.  This will be the last time I write about the event in 2013.  Geek Girl Chicago‘s press credentials, which I’d had for 2 years, were rejected.  I am deeply saddened that I will... Read more »

Wizard World Chicago Comic Con 2012 Recap: An Off Year

The Red Queen and White Queen from Alice in Wonderland.  This was the first costume photo we took at the con, because the girls were so breathtaking.
The second half of my double convention weekend was spent at Wizard World: Chicago Comic Con.  This 4-day event is the giant of the Midwest.  It’s big enough to fill the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center.  It’s rich enough to get Tom Felton as a guest, even when the Harry Potter convention is in the... Read more »

Get Ready for Wizard World Chicago Comic Con and LeakyCon

My oh my, geeks, it’s going to be a BUSY four days.  I’ll be attending two conventions in one weekend!   Here’s the lowdown on both events: Wizard World Chicago Comic Con This is the big one.  Each year, thousands of people flood the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center for Wizard World.  This epic weekend... Read more »

This Week in Geek: Books, Trivia, and One Massive Con

Golly gee, ChicagoNow audience.  I sure do like you- the X-Wing doodles in your notebook, the way you look at LOLCats when your boss isn’t paying attention. You make my heart go pitter-patter.  I just wanna get to know you better, and talk nerdy to you, and take you to amazing events like these: MONDAY the 8th... Read more »