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The heartbreaking happiness of downsizing

I just watched my Alice in Wonderland tea set walk out the door. Er, more accurately, its new owner took it. It’s going to a fantastic home where it will be loved. Let me tell you though, gentle reader, parting with my geeky collectibles is hard. A lot of life change is hitting me at... Read more »

The worst Doctor Who Christmas gift of all time

There are many, many holiday gift options for Doctor Who fans. The show is so massive that Whovians can find anything- a fish tank, toothbrush, even this potato peeler. Yeaaa, Time Lord merchandise has gotten weird. As a Doctor Who fan for a decade, I possess MORE than my fair share of these things. Some... Read more »

17 Things at Toys R Us Worse than Breaking Bad Action Figures

The violence, sexuality, and general darkness of Sin City affect me WAY more viscerally than anything in Breaking Bad. Marv here comes with a gasoline can! In the movie, he uses this to burn someone's building down, before cutting that person's arms and legs off, and feeding him to his own pet. Wow. WOW. THIS can stay at Toys R Us, but Breaking Bad can't? Do some research before you take action, petition-signers.
AMC’s Breaking Bad is one of the greatest TV shows of all time. So, it’s no surprise that there are Breaking Bad action figures. Adults (geeks in particular) love collectibles that commemorate their favorite works of fiction. The Breaking Bad line of action figures is cool, highly-detailed, and definitely NOT for children. One Walter White/Heisenberg toy... Read more »

This GEEKend: Toys, Comics, Statues, and CAKE

It felt like I was doing a ton of GEEKend posts in May.  Alas!  I was!  This is one of those mystical months with five weekends in it, and thus, three paychecks!!  The extra cash is coming at just the right time.  This weekend’s big events both offer a slew of merch to buy. Whether... Read more »

7 Geeky Trends that Died in My Lifetime... and Why I'm GLAD

SLAP BRACELETS - Slap bracelets are the first craze I can remember experiencing.  I was in preschool, and I was terrified of the things.  At best, the bracelets were sharp plastic.  At worst, they were a vicious, cheap metal just waiting to cut and scrape wrists.  My refusal to constantly mangle my own flesh was also one of the first things that got me picked on.  Screw you, slap bracelets.  You isolated me from my peers.  I also heard you killed a kid.
Let me set one thing straight here.  If you’re expecting a warm, fuzzy, nostalgic list of beloved things from the past, forget it.  Buzzfeed has plenty of those.  THIS article is about how utterly stupid a craze can be. It still surprises me that kids can get bullied for liking Star Wars, comics, etc.  What... Read more »

Finding the Ultimate Geek Apartment

I signed a lease for a new apartment this week.  Yatta!  I thought I’d stay in my current building longer, but things happened: 1. I met a great geek guy.  2.  My place was freezing cold this past winter, despite mild temps.  3.  There weren’t enough shelves for my action figures.  …I’m not going to... Read more »