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Chi-Fi 0 Recap: When in Doubt, Throw a Party

Lilith from Borderlands.
We’ve all heard the tale of how the original Chi-Fi concept was canceled.  Now, it’s time to recap the event that DID occur: Chi-Fi 0.  This one-day celebration was held on Saturday, March 29th, at the Palmer House Hilton.  It felt more like a party than a convention.  Sometimes, though- particularly after controversy- a party is exactly... Read more »

Photo Recap: Cosplay in the 2014 Chicago St. Patrick's Day Parade

Spider-Man spending some quality time with Black Cat.
Top o’ the evenin’ to ya, geeks!  I hope you all had a fine St. Patrick’s Day.  The holiday really spans a whole weekend in Chicago, but my favorite event is the Saturday parade.  Last year, cosplayers participated for the first time.  These costumed citizens were back in 2014, in larger numbers than before! This... Read more »

Northwest Indiana Comic Con 2014 Recap: A Strong Opening

Shredder and Michelangelo apparently put their differences aside.
I hardly ever get to take a Sunday off from my day job.  When I do, it’s for something really, really important.  This past Sunday, I was a VIP Guest and Cosplay Judge at the first-ever Northwest Indiana Comic-Con.  I’d say that’s important! NWI Comic-Con’s staff deserves a round of applause.  They knocked year 1... Read more »

Capricon 34 Recap: If it Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It!

This tremendous pair of antlers was one of the first things I saw at Capricon 34.  This image really set the tone for the day.
At the beginning of February, I attended one of Chicago’s longest-running sci-fi conventions.  Capricon has existed for 34 revolutions around the sun.  Even so, the event manages to stay small.  The attendees are like a family; a large percentage comes back year after year. Capricon has a lot going for it.  The free cafe, filled... Read more »

Con Alt Delete 2013 Recap: I Wasn't There, BUT...

Very creative- Sophie Hatter from Howl's Moving Castle at two different points in her journey.
Last weekend, a brand new convention was born.  Con Alt Delete (formerly Domo Con) is a fledgling anime con run by the folks behind Anime Midwest.  It was, unfortunately, the first event to fall prey to my wedding planning; I was unable to attend.  Thankfully, Geek Girl Jess- trusty photographer and friend- was on the scene... Read more »

Chicago TARDIS 2013 Recap: Doctor Who Shows No Signs of Aging

An incredible Ten hanging out with his (former?) enemy, Cassandra.  It was nice to see them putting their differences aside.
I’m just going to come right out and say it: last weekend’s Chicago TARDIS was the best I’ve been to.  Granted, I’ve only been going for three years, but the convention was clearly stepping up its game- it had to.  Doctor Who just celebrated its 50th anniversary.  This milestone brought fans to the Westin Lombard... Read more »

Kollision Con 2013 Recap: New Location FTW

Haruko and Kanti from FLCL
As I lie on the couch, burning up with a fever, I reflect on last weekend.  I was healthy, energetic, and having fun at Kollision Con 2013. …I’m actually betting I caught the flu (aka “con crud”) at Kollision, but that’s not important. The convention where East “kollides” with West is still very much an... Read more »

Cosplay Photos from Relay for Life: Fight Cancer with Team GEEK!

The Evil Queen tempts Snow White with a delicious caramel apple.
Every now and then, I plug events hosted by local Relay for Life Team, “Team GEEK.”  This amazing group raises funds for the American Cancer Society by cosplaying, sponsoring Hambingo, even photographing a knit duck with celebrities.  This past Friday, they participated in the Norridge/Harwood Heights Relay for Life. At the event, costumed characters walked and... Read more »

Anime Midwest 2013 Recap: Energetic, Affordable, and Crowded

Shizuo Heiwajima from Durarara!  Huge prop is huge.
Before I even get started, I must extend a sincere “thank you” to my readers, old and new.  My “5 Things You Should Never Say to a Cosplayer“ article reached over 20,000 views.  WOW!!  The conversation it inspired has been a joy to participate in.  I truly feel honored.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.... Read more »

Photo Recap: Japan Festival 2013's Cosplay and Culture

Who is under that Organization XIII coat from Kingdom Hearts?  Is it a Riku cosplayer, or someone more sinister?
In my last post, I described the 2013 Japan Festival.  The event took place on June 8th and 9th in Elk Grove, and was a big success.  There was food, entertainment, and fun to spare.  Local cosplayers were present to meet and greet all weekend; I was in their informational video as Rogue!  There was... Read more »