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The heartbreaking happiness of downsizing

I just watched my Alice in Wonderland tea set walk out the door. Er, more accurately, its new owner took it. It’s going to a fantastic home where it will be loved. Let me tell you though, gentle reader, parting with my geeky collectibles is hard. A lot of life change is hitting me at... Read more »

7 geeky date ideas for Valentine's Day in Chicago

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is barreling toward us. I’ve always liked the holiday- and this is coming from someone who didn’t really have a boyfriend until college. When I was single, I’d throw parties for all of my loner friends. In times of commitment, I’d try to make Valentine’s Day interesting with... Read more »

This GEEKend: Toys, Comics, Statues, and CAKE

It felt like I was doing a ton of GEEKend posts in May.  Alas!  I was!  This is one of those mystical months with five weekends in it, and thus, three paychecks!!  The extra cash is coming at just the right time.  This weekend’s big events both offer a slew of merch to buy. Whether... Read more »

C2E2 2014: The Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo is Upon Us!!

Time flies.  I got so wrapped up in wedding planning that I hardly noticed- it’s time for C2E2, the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo. After comic shop appearances, bar parties, and the St. Patty’s parade, it’s finally here!  Rejoice, geeks!! C2E2 is the Midwest’s premiere pop culture event.  It’s pretty much the biggest thing Geek... Read more »

A Visit to Chicago's New International School of Comics

Chicago has a new place for aspiring comic artists to learn the trade: the International School of Comics.  Its nine Italian locations (known as Scuola Internazionale di Comics) have been educating students for over 30 years.  In March, the very first US branch opened in the Kinzie Corridor.  It’s time more people heard about this... Read more »

Help the Northlake Public Library Get a 9-foot Hulk Statue!!

When I think of the library I went to as a child, I remember beige walls and a quiet atmosphere.  I borrowed all the Curious George, Dr. Seuss, and Winnie the Pooh they had.  I did not, however, have access to comic books… or huge statues of the characters therein.  Seriously, get this:  The Northlake... Read more »

Photo Recap: C2E2 Cosplay Around Town at Graham Crackers Comics

LAKEVIEW: This gorgeous (and hilarious) piece of work is Tara's original creation, Dolly Deathstar.
On Wednesday, February 20th, C2E2 held a “Cosplay Around Town” celebration at 4 different Graham Crackers Comics locations.  I covered the event details in a previous article, so I’ll get right to the recap and photos! I went to the Lakeview store.  The group there was small- less than 10 costumes- but we still had fun.  C2E2 staff provided simple... Read more »

This Week in Geek: Vote, Rock, Strip... Fandom Style!

Halo 4 comes out at midnight.  The reviews are stellar, but I’ve been a little shocked by the amount of people claiming it will be “more fun” than waiting in line at the polls.  People.  Seriously.  Vote.  Vote.  VOTE VOTE VOTE!! …*ahem.*  Now that that’s out of the way, here are a few things to... Read more »

This GEEKend: Alt Comics Expo, Jonathan Coulton, and the Underground Retrocade

Yesterday, I attended another ChicagoNow blathering.   I’m always surprised to see how many CN bloggers have heard of Geek Girl Chicago, but don’t read it, as they aren’t part of the geek community.  It makes me reflect upon my readership vs. that of foodies, mommies, and sports gurus.  It almost gets me down… …that... Read more »

BREAKING: Brave NATO for a Seat at the UChicago Comics Conference

Just when I thought NATO was only going to bring frustration, I got word from UChicago’s Comics Conference:  People waiting outside are getting seats!! A little background info:  Through this weekend, seventeen massive contributors to American comics are gathering to discuss the genre.  The official title is Comics: Philosophy and Practice.  You won’t find DC... Read more »