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This GEEKend: Anime Apocalypse and Two Kinds of Star Wars

The world isn’t going to end tomorrow.  Everyone already knows it.  However, I’m sure Facebook will be  filled with repetitive status updates about surviving, The Doctor saving us, Majora’s Mask, etc. Yyyyyup, I’ll be avoiding the Internet.  If you’ll be doing the same, may I suggest some of the following events this GEEKend?   FRIDAY... Read more »

Shire Sausage and Hobbit Holes: The Hobbit Menu at Denny's

The Hobbit Menu was its own document.  We didn't bother taking the standard menu- we knew what we wanted: high-calorie goodness with elf and wizard names attached!  We ordered everything except for the smoothie, milk shake, and Dwarves' Turkey Dinner.
If you haven’t discovered the Denny’s Hobbit Menu yet, please… enlighten yourself.  When I first heard about this crazy film tie-in, all I could do was cringe.  Everything on the menu sounded, well, sexual.  What, you think I’m kidding?  Just read some of these names aloud: Hobbit Slam. Shire Sausage. Hobbit Hole. …to be fair,... Read more »

3 Geeky Live Shows to See in Chicago This December

Whenever the daunting task of holiday shopping gets me down, I try to think outside the box.  I’ve purchased a helicopter ride for my dad,  a cooking class for my sister, skydiving for a friend.  …It hardly ever works.  Only one of these has actually used their gift.  Perhaps it’s time to think a little... Read more »

Doctor Who, Daleks, and Big Finish: An Interview with Nicholas Briggs

What comes to mind when you hear the words “Doctor Who“?  For most, the iconic aliens top the list.   Daleks.  Cybermen.  Their threats of “EXTERMINATE,” “UPGRADE,” and “OBEY” have resonated with fans for decades. The talented Nicholas Briggs has voiced the Daleks and Cybermen since Doctor Who’s 2005 return.  Briggs is also the Executive Producer of... Read more »

Chicago TARDIS 2012 Recap: This Doctor Who Con is the Real McCoy!

EXTERMINATE!!  I got to ride inside of these once.  It was... well, it was very small.
Thank you, everyone, for the huge response to my Kollision Con coverage.  Kollision wasn’t the only game in town on Thanksgiving weekend, though!  Hundreds of Doctor Who fans gathered for Chicago TARDIS 2012.  The British sci-fi hit is more popular than ever in its 49th year.  Thus, the Westin Lombard welcomed fans of all ages... Read more »

Kollision Con 2012 Recap: Animated Fun at Pheasant Run

Madoka Magica- kawaii!
Thanksgiving weekend 2012 brought two conventions to Chicagoland- Kollision Con and Chicago TARDIS.  I did my best to cover both, but I’ll be the first to admit that Kollision isn’t my scene.  It’s an animation convention, and I haven’t watched anime in years.  The only American cartoon I follow is My Little Pony: Friendship is... Read more »

Happy Geeksgiving: 3 Ways for Chicago Geeks to Give Back

Geeks in Chicago have a lot to be thankful for.  We’re constantly surrounded by friends, food, sweet comic shops, and not one but two beercades.  Thanksgiving is a fantastic time to share the wealth and spread our good fortune.  Here are a few ways to help others in Chicago this Turkey Day: 1. Donate Food,... Read more »

This GEEKend: WindyCon, Chicago's Oldest Sci-Fi Convention

Just when you thought Halloween was over, a sci-fi convention pops up with a Zombie theme.  WindyCon is Chicagoland’s oldest sci-fi con, celebrating 39 years this weekend.  It’s already underway at the Westin Lombard. For being such an old event, it doesn’t seem like it will be packed; the crafting panels limit themselves to only 8... Read more »

This Week in Geek: Vote, Rock, Strip... Fandom Style!

Halo 4 comes out at midnight.  The reviews are stellar, but I’ve been a little shocked by the amount of people claiming it will be “more fun” than waiting in line at the polls.  People.  Seriously.  Vote.  Vote.  VOTE VOTE VOTE!! …*ahem.*  Now that that’s out of the way, here are a few things to... Read more »

Disney Buys Lucasfilm: Don't Freak Out!

The Internet has been ablaze with this news:  Disney purchased Lucasfilm for just over 4 billion dollars.  Episode VII is go for 2015.  Crazy! The fan outcry has been amazing to watch.  GGC reader Jenn W saw images of Leia as a Disney princess, and found it “so wrong.  She’s above that!”  Jim M immediately... Read more »