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Photos from Level 257's PAC-MAN Art and Fashion Show

Level 257 isn’t new, but it’s new to me. It’s a Schaumburg restaurant, bar, arcade, and bowling alley inspired by PAC-MAN. Given that I frequently rock my PAC-MAN t-shirt and belt, it seems like I should’ve stopped by sooner. Finally, last Thursday, it was my turn. Geek Girl Jess and I were invited to Level... Read more »

"A khaki-related emergency" and other excuses to keep old clothes

My girlfriends and I do a formal clothing swap four times a year. Everyone brings tops, pants, skirts, and such that they no longer love. Pieces are tried on and traded. Anything that doesn’t find a new home gets donated. The whole process is great. I usually have a ton of clothes to contribute. After... Read more »

10 geeky bags and purses for fashionable fangirls

Quite a few chic Star Wars handbags have entered the market. My personal favorites are these bowling bag-inspired pieces. I have the R2-D2 version. These purses are shiny, spacious, and even have little legs on the bottom so they don't get dirty when placed on the floor. Get 'em on ThinkGeek for 49.99.
In the past 5 years or so, the fashion world has FINALLY started to acknowledge geek girls. For t-shirt lovers, TeeFury offers ladies’ cuts. If you prefer dresses and jewelry, Her Universe has your number. I still see a significant gap, though, for geek girls (or guys) who want to be more subtle. The older I get, the... Read more »

Pictures from PlayCHIC 2014, the Chicago Toy and Game Fair's fashion show

Mayfair Games had puppeteers wandering around. The sheep is a key part of their best-selling board game, Settlers of Catan.
I try to keep up with geeky events in Chicago, but sometimes, one slips by me. I almost missed out on PlayCHIC 2014. This toy and game-inspired fashion show is apparently part of the Chicago Toy and Game Fair. I’ve BEEN to ChiTAG. I’ve reviewed games I discovered at ChiTAG. Even so, I had no idea... Read more »

4 Star Wars Day Fashions that Every Jedi Must Own

Today was one of those days when I see what a weird adult I’ve become.  I brought in donuts for my employees to celebrate Star Wars Day.  Then, I passed out daily schedules, which featured a picture of R2-D2 with a guitar.  I felt legitimately scorned when a co-worker announced “May the Fourth be with... Read more »

7 Geeky Trends that Died in My Lifetime... and Why I'm GLAD

SLAP BRACELETS - Slap bracelets are the first craze I can remember experiencing.  I was in preschool, and I was terrified of the things.  At best, the bracelets were sharp plastic.  At worst, they were a vicious, cheap metal just waiting to cut and scrape wrists.  My refusal to constantly mangle my own flesh was also one of the first things that got me picked on.  Screw you, slap bracelets.  You isolated me from my peers.  I also heard you killed a kid.
Let me set one thing straight here.  If you’re expecting a warm, fuzzy, nostalgic list of beloved things from the past, forget it.  Buzzfeed has plenty of those.  THIS article is about how utterly stupid a craze can be. It still surprises me that kids can get bullied for liking Star Wars, comics, etc.  What... Read more »

Geeky Wedding Dresses in Science Fiction and Fantasy

First up are two lovely dresses from Doctor Who.  These are particularly special because they weren't designed by a costume department.  Donna Noble (left) wore a Jasper Conran piece, and Amy Pond (right) rocked Ben de Lisi.  These were, at one point, available in UK stores.  Now, they'll occasionally pop up on eBay or eBay UK.  Just beware; Whovians are VICIOUS when it comes to online auctions!
At the beginning of March, I had the honor of standing up in my best friend’s wedding.  Since then, I’ve had weddings on the brain (watch out, geek guys)!  I’ve been thinking about my own, possible, maybe-someday wedding, and just how geeky I’d like it to be.  Would I go subtle, or full-on “Mal and... Read more »