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An Open Letter to the Young Girl Who Dances on my Block

Dear Young Lady Who Dances on my Block, Every day, when the weather is warm enough, I see you.  You put your headphones on and dance down the sidewalk near my building.  It looks like so much fun!  I can tell you love music.  However, the second you see me (or anyone), you stop.  You... Read more »

Getting Engaged Made Me an Anxious Mess

When I was little, I often thought about being a bride.  Like many young girls, I had Barbies that were getting married ALL THE TIME.  I apparently had no idea what the experience was actually like.  WOW.  In less than two weeks, I’ve discovered several new kinds of anxiety that were just waiting to blossom... Read more »

Why I Turned Down an Invitation to Wizard World Chicago Comic Con 2013

This is a direct follow-up to yesterday’s article, Why I Won’t Be at Wizard World Chicago Comic Con 2013.  The initial post got some VERY passionate responses.  This is the tale of what happened after Wizard World noticed. *** “You would be not only respected and feared, you would be loved.” – Jorah Mormont, Game of Thrones... Read more »

Why I Won't Be at Wizard World Chicago Comic Con 2013

EDIT:  The story continues!  I’ve created a follow-up to this article.  Read it HERE. *** I’ve been mentioning Wizard World Chicago Comic Con for weeks.  This will be the last time I write about the event in 2013.  Geek Girl Chicago‘s press credentials, which I’d had for 2 years, were rejected.  I am deeply saddened that I will... Read more »

Weird Star Wars Decor in Chicago: A Wizard Wookiee Mystery

I recently visited Pick Me Up Cafe in Lakeview.  This vegan-friendly restaurant is kitschy and retro, but not geek-themed.  Imagine my surprise when my entire table was covered in Star Wars stickers!  One sticker took me by surprise, and bugs me to this moment; I’ll get to that in a bit. First, here are a... Read more »

5 Things You Should Never Say to a Cosplayer

It snuck up on me, but Wizard World Chicago Comic Con is just a month away.  Many fans have started their costumes.  These cosplayers (self included) invest all sorts of time, money, and love into their outfits.  They deserve utmost respect. As someone who has been dressing up for over a decade (yikes!), I’ve heard a bevy... Read more »

7 Geeky Trends that Died in My Lifetime... and Why I'm GLAD

SLAP BRACELETS - Slap bracelets are the first craze I can remember experiencing.  I was in preschool, and I was terrified of the things.  At best, the bracelets were sharp plastic.  At worst, they were a vicious, cheap metal just waiting to cut and scrape wrists.  My refusal to constantly mangle my own flesh was also one of the first things that got me picked on.  Screw you, slap bracelets.  You isolated me from my peers.  I also heard you killed a kid.
Let me set one thing straight here.  If you’re expecting a warm, fuzzy, nostalgic list of beloved things from the past, forget it.  Buzzfeed has plenty of those.  THIS article is about how utterly stupid a craze can be. It still surprises me that kids can get bullied for liking Star Wars, comics, etc.  What... Read more »

A Motorcycle Ride with the Ladies of Battlestar Galactica - Guest Blog by Melanie Bolen

C2E2 is approaching quickly, so I’ve been VERY busy sewing.  Thankfully, my friend from Fitness at Home volunteered to step in and write in my place.  What a gal!  Melanie Bolen, fellow ChicagoNow blogger, is an opportunist.  She has met geeky celebrities several times in the name of charity.  This guest article is all about... Read more »

My 2013 New Year's Resolutions as a Geek Blogger

New Year’s Day is a time for goal-setting… especially when you didn’t receive a TARDIS or DeLorean time machine for Christmas.  I have several resolutions for 2013, from little to lofty.  Here’s my list: 1. I resolve to blog at least twice a week.  I’d prefer 3 or 4 times, but let’s be realistic, shall we?... Read more »

Disney Buys Lucasfilm: Don't Freak Out!

The Internet has been ablaze with this news:  Disney purchased Lucasfilm for just over 4 billion dollars.  Episode VII is go for 2015.  Crazy! The fan outcry has been amazing to watch.  GGC reader Jenn W saw images of Leia as a Disney princess, and found it “so wrong.  She’s above that!”  Jim M immediately... Read more »