You know who you are.  You love Picard, Pokemon, and Prada.  Cthulhu, Chemistry, and Clinique.  Final Fantasy, Firefly, and flirting.  Steve Jobs, Steve Madden... you get the idea.  Hello, sweetie.  This one's for you.

Geek Girl Chicago launched in June of 2011 with one goal: to be a resource for the Windy City's smartest, sassiest, nerds.  Follow Lauren on a journey through Chicago geekdom- events, interviews, product reviews, and anecdotes.

A chat with a female Viper Pilot?  Got it.  Dresses that look like time machines?  Yup.  Klingon, Al Bhed, and Elvish lessons?  Bring it.  It's all here- zombies, science, fashion, burlesque and more.

So say we all.

If you have an article idea, contact geekgirlchicago(at)gmail(dot)com !!