Santa hat strut: Cosplay photos from Con Alt Delete 2015

The art of cosplay often comes with suffering- painful shoes, itchy body paint, wigs that are too tight. Perhaps the greatest nemesis of the cosplayer is cold weather. I’ve always struggled with winter conventions. Costumes warm enough for the season are often unflattering. They’re ALWAYS too hot for the indoor portions of cons. So, you can freeze or wear a coat… but if you don’t have a hotel room, where do you store said coat? It’s a struggle.

Con Alt Delete comes to Chicago each December. Geek Girl Jess attended on the 19th, and I the 20th. It wasn’t cold. We’ve had an unseasonably warm winter, so cosplayers were free to do almost anything. How can one celebrate the spirit of the season when it isn’t even below freezing? Santa hats.

Santa hats were a VERY popular cosplay accessory at Con Alt Delete. I think they’re great! They are large enough to fit over any wig, and clearly show it’s Christmastime. Cute. <3

In addition to Santa hats, Con Alt Delete 2015’s most popular cosplay choices were Undertale and Adventure Time. Interestingly, I saw more old school cosplay than I’ve come to expect at this young event. Trigun, Futurama, The Powerpuff Girls, and classic Disney princesses all made appearances. I was one happy people watcher.

Honestly, I don’t have much to say about the convention, itself. I never picked up my press badge. The best photography lighting was in the Hyatt’s upper lobby, so I didn’t have to move. I asked a trusted friend if the Dealers were worth seeing; he said “No.” He also relayed some rumors about theft, people banned from the con, an off-duty cop (?!) …all of the tittering gossip I’ve come to expect from the Ryan Kopf circuit of cons. It’s barely worth trying to sort out. People (including GGC) still come to these conventions, no matter the issues or accusations.

Hyatt O’Hare conventions are always great for spending time with friends. The hotel has a bar with killer lemon cocktails. There’s a McDonald’s within walking distance. Rebels (or lazy people like me who couldn’t get down a flight of stairs to pick up a badge) can get away spending $0. I didn’t see any staff members on Sunday, so Con Alt Delete just felt like a casual, festive cosplay gathering.

Here are the photos. If you spot  yourself, please comment below!


Did you attend Con Alt Delete? What did you think? How did it affect your holiday season, if at all? 

Thanks to CAD for allowing GGC’s cameras onto the scene.


NEXT UP: The Force Awakens, New Year’s Resolutions, and more geeky goodness!

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