The best cosplay of C2E2 2015 - FRIDAY

Geeks all over the Midwest have been waiting for today. C2E2 2015, the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo, has begun! Thousands of fans are descending on McCormick place, now through Sunday. The convention center is filled with art, celebrities, and of course, cosplay.

I attended today in street clothes. My recent unemployment had meant a cosplay spending freeze. While I felt weird without a costume, at first, I ended up enjoying myself. I had freedom to wander, shop, and photograph attendees.

Just walking into C2E2 is an experience. Music is constantly pumping through the lobby. The biggest cosplays never enter the show floor at all, so they crowd the entryway with spectacle.

The interior is just as active. This year’s Artists’ Alley is the biggest I’ve ever seen. I’ve made a shopping list of prints I want for my new office. If I have any money left over, you can bet some Game of Thrones dragons will be added to my collection!

Perhaps I’m behind, but I truly realized this year that C2E2 has become mainstream. The convention is a fun environment, but doesn’t feel “geeky.” All types of people gather at C2E2. Lifelong nerds celebrate alongside casual fans. This brings joy, but also frustration. For example, the amount of people in the parking lot who CAN’T PARK BETWEEN THE LINES IS ABSURD!! …*ahem.*

On a more serious note, be sure to download the C2E2 app. The convention has done a great job posting “cosplay is not consent” on signs and badges. However, I wasn’t sure how to report issues when a man put his arm around me and took my photo after I said “No, thanks.” …Did I mention I wasn’t in costume today? C2E2 has a form to report harassment on its app. Know it, use it, stay safe, and have fun.

It was a light cosplay day, compared to what tomorrow will bring. Even so, talented attendees brought quality work. Popular Friday looks came from Game of Thrones, Disney, Guardians of the Galaxy, and How to Train Your Dragon. Here are some of my favorites. If you see yourself, comment!

I’ll be sharing galleries for Saturday and Sunday, as well. Try and find me on the show floor! I will be Daenerys Targaryen (Qarth gown) tomorrow, and Blossom from the Powerpuff Girls on Sunday. I’m particularly excited for the PPG, as the outfits are a collaboration with two of this blog’s top photographers. šŸ™‚

Can’t wait! Let me know how I can find you below.

See Saturday pics HERE.

See Sunday coverage HERE.


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