Super cosplay from C2E2 2015 - SATURDAY

I made a bad choice at C2E2. I bought a new cubicle’s worth of art right at the very beginning of the day. Thus, I was stuck hauling my purchases around for hours. I was dressed as Daenerys (fairly popular) and taking photos of my own, as well. I could have used four more arms. That said, I had a mighty fine time at 2015’s Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo.

This convention gets bigger every year. My carpool arrived at the exact moment Lot B filled up. The line of vehicles to Lot C was LOOOONG. So, we invented “Carvention,” aka “Traffic Con.” It was no C2E2, but it was free. We laughed and laughed. When I finally hit the show floor, I was in great spirits. MCCORMICK. WAS. PACKED.

One of my friends commented that “C2E2 has its act together.” I have to agree. Aside from the parking lot, today ran smoothly. Reg lines were non-existent. Attendees loved the Fan Village, Cosplaytality Suite, and diversity-focused live programs. Even the epic McDonald’s line moved quickly.

C2E2 is a wonderful place for the extroverted. I can watch and meet other people for hours. Those who hate crowds, though, should try to attend the con on its Friday. Strangers were constantly bumping into me today. I made the Artists’ Alley purchases I desired, but only because I’d made my shopping list yesterday.

Last year, I remember scoring a bunch of X-Files stuff. My theme this year seems to be Mass Effect. I can’t help it! I LOVE MORDIN.

Tonight’s cosplay gallery is large, but by no means comprehensive. There were hundreds of awesome costumes about. The amount of people, though, often made stopping for photos rude. My helper Kat and I did our best. If you see yourself, comment!

C2E2 has one more day of fun in store: SUNDAY. Look for the Powerpuff Girls. I’ll be Blossom, and I can’t wait to meet you. <3

See Friday photos HERE.

See Sunday coverage HERE.


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