Final thoughts and cosplay from C2E2 2015 - SUNDAY

My C2E2 coverage is finally wrapping up this morning. I had to sleep FOREVER before I could even think about blogging. I crashed for 3 hours right after the show yesterday, then slept for another 10 at night. Being a children’s superhero is a BIG job.

Jess and Kat (my photography help this weekend) joined me for Powerpuff Girls cosplay on Sunday. I was Blossom, my favorite of the trio. The costumes were simple and very comfortable. There was no wait to park in Lot C. We figured it would be a low-key, relaxing day. We were wrong in the very best way.

Sunday at C2E2 is always KIDS’ DAY. We forgot this. I also didn’t think the current generation of kids knew PPG. I guess Netflix has offered them a rebirth, because we were SWAMPED. Children and their nostalgic parents lined up to meet us. I got so many hugs, high fives, and stories of adventure! I couldn’t stop smiling. We were in the building for about 4 hours, and only managed to see 2 booths. Whew~ People kept saying “You must have expected this.” No, we really, really didn’t. <3

I have a new philosophy on C2E2 cosplay. Even though most people bring their biggest and best outfits on Saturday, there’s WAY more room to shine on Sunday. The crowds are smaller, so photographers are given way more room and time. I think I’ll be suiting up more on Sunday, from now on. …if I have the energy, that is.

C2E2 left my body aching, my throat scratchy, my feet swollen, my vision blurry (thanks, pink contacts,) my wallet empty, and my heart full. I got to see friends old and new- my fellow cosplay judges from NWI Comic-Con, colleagues from the Video Game Law Summit, cosplayers, artists, and even ChicagoNow bloggers. Hello, Count Gregula and Sincere Mommy! It’s amazing, though, how many friends I never saw at all. They were simply lost in the epic sea of C2E2.

Sunday’s gallery is the smallest of my sets, mostly because of the Powerpuff Girls. We were getting stopped literally every few feet. So, cosplayers repeatedly got away from us. Even so, I hope you enjoy this batch. I am particularly fond of how kid-friendly Sunday’s characters were- Disney, Adventure Time, even Candyland!

Comment if you see yourself, OR if you took a PPG pic. I didn’t get any Powerpuff photos of my own. I’ve been sharing the ones I’ve found on Twitter, though, and will soon be posting a photoshoot on Facebook. I hope you’ll be my friend. 🙂

Thank you, C2E2, for making Geek Girl Chicago a part of your weekend. This was my favorite year yet- can’t wait for 2016!!

 See Friday pictures HERE.

See Saturday coverage HERE.


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