NWI Comic-Con 2015 RECAP: I'm not Elsa!!

One of the best parts of writing Geek Girl Chicago is relationship creation. I’ve made a ton of new friends through blogging, and have become a years-long part of many conventions. Last weekend was the second-ever Northwest Indiana Comic-Con. I returned as a cosplay contest judge. Jess from Fandom Tandem reprised the role, too. The other judges- and many of the con’s attendees- became new friends.

NWI Comic-Con 2015 was at a fresh location. The Halls of St. George could accommodate many more fans than 2014’s venue. Even so, several thousand fans made for crowded aisles, bustling with noise. It reminded me of the early years of C2E2- exciting. Additions to the map layout included a gaming area, larger concessions, and a cosplay lounge.

Speaking of cosplay, I dressed as Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. My Queen of Meereen variant was updated with more shoulder beading and a better fit. Many people complimented the dress- but not everyone had the right idea. I was referred to as “Elsa” dozens of times. I was fine with it… mostly.

If kids don’t know Game of Thrones, that’s peachy with me. When adults (including the emcee on stage during the masquerade) made the mistake, though- I got a little irked. Parents even started asking, “I know you’re not Elsa, but could you act like Elsa?” Some kids weren’t fooled by this tactic. Yes, grownups- your toddlers are better at recognizing characters than you are. 😉

Anyway, it was interesting to watch different types of people respond to the event. Children were in awe, meeting their favorite heroes and princesses. Parents fluctuated between energized and overwhelmed by the crowds. Cosplayers appreciated getting water and rest in the lounge. The last people I saw before my departure were a married couple, arguing about money spent on comics. Whoof.

I spent most of my time working on the cosplay competitions. First, children paraded in a non-competitive show. Next, the teen competition took the stage. This group was small (a little more than a dozen entrants) but their enthusiasm for cosplay was infectious. Finally, the adult competition was fierce. Just like last year, Northwest Indiana’s fans brought their finest. The judges were among the best I’ve worked with. Despite some complicated paperwork, I think we made spot-on decisions.

Here are some of the lovely costumes worn by NWI’s attendees:

If you see yourself, comment below!

NWI Comic-Con is growing at an amazing pace. The line to get into the con was long, and outdoors (brr.) The line for food was even longer. With such affordable ticket prices ($8 for 2015,) Brian Grabinski and co. will have to keep up with audience demand.

NWI Comic-Con is a total blast. Hopefully, it will keep finding locations and staff to accommodate so many people, and so much fun. I’m already looking forward to next year!


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