Kollision Con 2015 RECAP: Mixed Reviews

Last weekend, I attended Kollision Con 2015. As I explained in my pre-con writeup, Kollision is another event that has migrated to the Hyatt Regency O’Hare. AnimeCentral, Con Alt Delete, and several other geek weekends all use this space. How did it work out? Well, it really depends on who you ask.

Overall, Kollision Con was low in attendance. I went Friday, and spent upwards of 5 hours just getting 15 cosplay pics. Two of my friends hosted Friday panels, and said less than 10 people were showing up to each. The open atmosphere meant ample space for photo shoots and hanging out with friends. Those looking for a high-energy time, though, didn’t get it.

I really enjoyed seeing the layout difference between this and Con Alt Delete. Kollision Con utilized the Hyatt’s basement in a wonderful way. Unfortunately, understanding this layout was Kollision’s biggest Friday issue. That day, the con did not have program books. Maps and schedules had to be pulled from tiny phone screens. I gave up, and just wandered. I’m told program books arrived Saturday, at least- huzzah!

The surprise highlight of the weekend was the Miku scavenger hunt. Cute figurines of Miku Hatsune were hidden around the convention. The winner got a special figurine.

Speaking of winners, the Costume Contest had a cash prize. When money is on the line, cosplayers almost always bring their best game. Saturday’s attendance and cosplay quality was way up. Everybody looked great!

Unfortunately, GGC received several, negative reports after the fact. Some competitors didn’t get their costume feedback, weren’t sure why they won/lost, or even ended up in a category they weren’t comfortable in. Best in Show went to King Sombra, who I feel deserved it. Awesome job, brony!

I hope everyone enjoyed dressing up. Here’s the cosplay of Kollision Con 2015. If you see yourself, or can help identify a character, comment.

An attendee’s experience at Kollision was entirely based in expectations. Beautiful cosplay? Yes. Professional-level competition? Not so much. Space to socialize? Yes. Packed panels? Nope. Readers have contacted me privately on Facebook, both to say “best con of my life” and “I’m never going again.” If you went, I’d love to hear your opinions below.

Lastly, Kollision has wiped their website clean. I’m currently unsure if it will return next year, but I hope so! Any insight is appreciated.


COMING UP ON GGC: Producing audio books, and a dog that needs forever home.

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