Pictures from PlayCHIC 2014, the Chicago Toy and Game Fair's fashion show

I try to keep up with geeky events in Chicago, but sometimes, one slips by me. I almost missed out on PlayCHIC 2014. This toy and game-inspired fashion show is apparently part of the Chicago Toy and Game Fair. I’ve BEEN to ChiTAG. I’ve reviewed games I discovered at ChiTAG. Even so, I had no idea this cool show existed.

Thankfully, my girls at Sugar Gamers hooked me up. I happened to notice a ticket giveaway on their Facebook. I won (!!!) and got to hang out with them at PlayCHIC.

We were surprised to discover a free meal and open bar. Alhambra Palace loaded our table with Middle Eastern food. I loved the falafel. The dessert bar was huge, too; eating off it it drove my stomach into “painfully full” territory.

The fashion show featured designers Peach Carr (seen on Project Runway,) Michelle Tan, Gibeon Tolbert, and Elda de la Rosa. Each shared some of their latest designs, plus one collaboration with a toy or game brand.

Best of all, the game creators were in the house. Mayfair Games carried Sheep puppets from Settlers of Catan. Choon Ng, inventor of Rainbow Loom, wore a rubber blazer originally seen on Jimmy Kimmel. PlayCHIC‘s celebrity host was Laura Robinson, co-creator of Balderdash. You’ll see her wearing the show’s finale dress in just a moment.

My favorite garments were inspired by Villainy, a card game by Mayfair Games. The models looked like they’d leapt from a comic book. Both the Sugar Gamers and I were reminded of Dr. Mrs. The Monarch from The Venture Bros. Sweet.

While everything was gorgeous, I’d honestly expected more avant garde looks. PlayCHIC’s website is a sizzle reel of Scrabble and Bananagrams gowns. There were only four gaming-inspired pieces this year. One of the four was a pink suit, unrelated to a specific product. 

My camera wasn’t on the top of its game last night. Even with the “Sports” setting available, most pics turned out blurry. The lights were low, the models were in motion. I think I captured the feel of the evening, though. Enjoy these high-fashion shots:

Thanks to the Sugar Gamers for the ticket, and to the Chicago Toy and Game Fair for a cool event. ChiTAG festivities continue for the remainder of the weekend.

…and if you hear about a geeky event, gentle reader, to tell me about it. I like to share this stuff with you before it happens. 😉


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