Product Review: Fire and Blood, Brewery Ommegang's Game of Thrones Red Ale

My relationship with Game of Thrones beers started over a year go.  In March of 2013, Brewery Ommegang released Iron Throne Blonde Ale.  I reviewed it.  Then came Take the Black Stout, and the epic launch party by Lakeshore Beverage.  Now, the Daenerys Targaryen in me is most pleased. Fire and Blood Red Ale has landed!

I’ve been talking about this brew quite a bit, given that I helped plan the launch at The Radler.  The party was incredible. If you missed it, check out some video footage.  Enough about that, though- I already wrote about the event!  How’s the BEER?

I must give a disclaimer like I did with the blonde ale: I am no beer expert. I do not have the vocabulary.  So, I write this review as not a beer guru, but a geek girl. 🙂

Fire and Blood Red Ale

Pour – Just like its GoT predecessors, Fire and Blood requires an expert pour.  This beer develops such a head so quickly that I’ve only poured it “correctly” once.  So foamy!  Definitely “luxurious,” as the bottle describes, but be careful; you may end up waiting a bit before you can enjoy it.

Fragrance – While the scent has previously been my favorite aspect of the Game of Thrones beers, this one doesn’t particularly strike me.  Iron Throne was floral.  Take the Black was all coffee and chocolate.  Fire and Blood is a little spicy, but the scent is dominated by yeast.  For the layman, it smells like beer.

Taste – Several fans at the launch party called Fire and Blood the “most experimental” of the Game of Thrones brews.  I agree.  This red ale is surprisingly sweet, opening with dark fruit (cherry? raisin?)  The texture is smooth, with a medium weight and an accessible level of malt flavor.  A wide audience will enjoy it.

In honor of Dany’s “children,” this red ale doesn’t skimp on the spice.  The most intriguing aspect of Fire and Blood is its ancho chiles.  Depending on what I’m drinking this beer with, the chiles provide either a fun kick, or an odd, metallic note.  Huh.  It’s worth trying, either way.

(NOTE: At this point in the writing process, my beer disappeared.  I literally demanded of my geek guy, “WHERE ARE MY DRAGONS?!”  Turns out, he moved my glass so he could then vacuum under the table.  He’s a keeper, My Sun and Stars!)

Geekiness – I love this Easter Egg of sorts.  Brewery Ommegang has released 3 different bottle designs for Fire and Blood.  Each features one of Daenerys’s dragons- Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion.  My bottle has Viserion on it- I think.  The Rhaegal and Viserion images look pretty similar, but that’s just me being A Song of Ice and Fire perfectionist.  Viserion is my favorite dragon, btw, as he’s the friendliest. …As friendly as scaled murder machines get, anyway.

Price – Around $10 for a 750ml bottle with 6.8% ABV.

How to Find It –  Due to immense demand, Brewery Ommegang made more of this creation than its previous Game of Thrones offerings.  Their website has a convenient locator to help find a store near you.  This app claims there’s Fire and Blood at Wrigley Field, meaning I’m about to have the best baseball season of my life.



OK, but seriously, I’ve been warning it for a while- I’m getting married on Saturday.  Raise a glass of Fire and Blood in my honor, won’t you?  I’ll be wearing a garter inspired by Bioshock Infinite, and the cake will be topped with Borderlands Claptraps!  Yeeeaaaah!!

I’ll see you all (well, metaphorically) on the other side.  Dracarys!!


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