Blue Box Cafe: Elgin's Hangout for Hungry Whovians

Do you love Doctor Who?  So does Christopher Mau, owner of the Blue Box Cafe in Elgin.  This coffee and sandwich shop opened its doors officially on March 1st.  It’s the perfect place for suburban Whovians, or just people who dig sandwiches.  Yum yum~

I visited the Blue Box Cafe at the end of March.  That day, I enjoyed a perfectly-crafted BLT and latte.  The food alone was worth the drive.  Most sandwiches are under eight bucks.  There is also a wide selection of baked goods, from brownies to magic bars. For the price of a treat, patrons can even chat with the sci-fi loving owner and staff- all in Doctor Who shirts.

The restaurant as a whole is welcoming and bright.  Chris explained that “2 out of 5” customers know what Doctor Who is- the rest are just looking for a tasty meal.  Chris even had a customer ask if he was a police officer because of that iconic blue box.  Not quite. 😉

Obviously, there’s plenty at the Blue Box Cafe for Whovians to adore.  Mau has followed Doctor Who since 1978.  He loves Tom Baker’s Doctor, Romana, AND modern characters like Amy Pond.  His cafe is filled with Whovian trinkets- Cybermen, Daleks, and a very specific scarf.   My favorite was an x-ray image of a sonic screwdriver.

Since my visit, much has already changed for the shop.  What started as a logo posted too early on Reddit has become a thriving business.  Starting in May, the cafe will have extended hours on several evenings.  Best of all, a cosplay night is coming down the pipe.  W00t!!

The dress-up event is currently scheduled for May 16th at 6PM.  Watch Facebook for any changing details.  As I won’t be attending ACen, I’ll likely stop by as Rose Tyler. 🙂

Please enjoy these photos from Blue Box Cafe.  If they look appetizing, bring your Companions to 176 E. Chicago St. in Elgin for a Timey-Wimey sip and snack.  Thanks, Chris, for the lunch- see you again soon!

The Blue Box Cafe – 176 E. Chicago St., Elgin.  Official Site * Facebook * Twitter.  Allons-y!!


NEXT TIME: C2E2 approaches!!

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