Chicago TARDIS 2013 Recap: Doctor Who Shows No Signs of Aging

I’m just going to come right out and say it: last weekend’s Chicago TARDIS was the best I’ve been to.  Granted, I’ve only been going for three years, but the convention was clearly stepping up its game- it had to.  Doctor Who just celebrated its 50th anniversary.  This milestone brought fans to the Westin Lombard by the thousands.

My con began on Friday.  By 1PM, Chicago TARDIS was busier than 2012’s Saturday.  This made the registration line crowded and difficult to understand.   I was grateful to get my badge and head to the Dealers’ Room.  There was plenty of Whovian merch, but also goods from British hits like Sherlock.  After navigating around a locked door to speak to Colin Baker (interview coming soon), I walked in the Chronological Cavalcade as Rose Tyler.  I love non-competitive cosplay; I wish more conventions would arrange such exhibitions.

I returned on Saturday around 9AM.  Again, the floor was already packed!  The main ballroom was filled with heavy-hitting Q&A sessions all day.  This gave the convention a clear rhythm; the halls were ghostly during panels, and filled to capacity between them.  I caught talks on sewing, fan theories, and such when I could, but for the most part, it was photography, photography, and more photography. …Oh, and Peter Davison and Louise Jameson were delightful to talk to.  🙂

In general, I was pleased with how many people fit in such a small space.  The desirable content of the panels kept attendees engaged.  The Dealers’ Room brought in more vendors other than Alien Entertainment, and thus drew more attention.  Fans were abuzz discussing the recent anniversary, documentary, AND parody.  I just loved the energy of the place!

…I DO, however, wish Chicago TARDIS had a Con Suite.  I was exhausted, and could have used a snack and soda now and then.  Considering the price of the event, this request seems achievable.

Anyway, I would like to thank Chicago TARDIS for the interview opportunities and for a super-fun event.  I normally burn out at cons. This time, I would have happily stayed ’til the end.

On to the pics!  Presenting these photos is really important to me.  I am an avid Doctor Who costumer.  As someone with a keen eye for Who fashion, I was able to recognize lots of Companions that people otherwise assumed were in street clothes (I’m looking at you, Clara and Jamie!)  If you see your self in this gallery, gentle reader, please let me know in the comments below.

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