Windycon 40: A Huge Sci-Fi Convention Anniversary this Weekend

I’ve had quite the experience with Windycon 40, and it hasn’t even started yet!  Apparently, in 40 years of existence, the event has never given out press passes.  This has resulted in some long waits and longer e-mails.  Thankfully, everything is clear now. Geek Girl Jess and I will be at at Windycon tomorrow, November 8th.  Even if you can’t attend the Friday festivities, consider visiting the Westin Lombard Yorktown Center November 9th or 10th, as well.

The Chicago area’s oldest sci-fi convention has a lot to offer in a very small space.  I can’t wait to sit back and watch Batman, Ghostbusters, and yet another Tenchi anime I hadn’t heard of in the video rooms.  Gaming and filking will be non-stop.  The masquerade is always super-welcoming, allowing guests to dress up outside of the con’s theme.  There will even be a weekend-long “WindyKidz” track, with child-targeted gems such as Steampunk Leather Stamping, LEGO Mania, a dance, and Moon Viewing.

…and yet, no press passes??  So weird!  I’m honored to be the first recipient. 🙂  Here are my picks for can’t-miss programs at Windycon 40.



Sewing for Nerds – This panel will introduce wannabe cosplayers to the mechanical basics of sewing.  Different machine types will be discussed, as well as machine maintenance.  THAT’s the part I need- I have a sewing machine and a serger, and if they break, I basically give up.  Costume-related programming will continue all weekend, including an awesome fiberglass demo later in the night.  (4PM, Cypress A)

Reading by Blake Hausladen – Taking a look back into the Geek Girl Chicago history books, you may recall an interview I conducted with this local author.  He’s just finishing up the second installation in his Vesteal Series, a fantasy epic.  I remain a huge fan of his- come listen to him read!  …Also, ask me about an upcoming project related to his work. 😉  I may spill some secrets. (6PM, Boardroom)

How Spacecraft Really Work – Space science is so hot right now.  My fiance loves Kerbal Space Program, and the film version of Ender’s Game chides, “It’s basic rocket science, people.”  Attitude Control engineer for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Steve Collins, will be on-deck to drop some knowledge.  Together, we’ll all learn how thrusters, gyros, and other elements work together to launch cargo and passengers into space.  (8PM, Lilac AC)



Geek Girls are Fans, Too! – I feel like I have to plug this one because it’s right up my alley.  I will defend until I die the right of geek women to dress up and flaunt their fandom wherever and however they please.  However, the event description challenges, “Care to argue?”  If things get heated, I might get mad, so it’s probably good I won’t be at-con on Saturday. 😉  (11AM, Lilac A)

Chipotle Spiced Bandilicks, or What Would Aliens Trade With Us? – The science fiction genre is speckled with space merchants, traders, even barkeeps.  If we really made first contact, though, what could Earth offer to these alien business people?  I’m betting water, though we wouldn’t want to give that up, so… pumpkin spice lattes?  SO interesting.  Sad to miss this one.  (Noon, Lilac A)

Collage Art Therapy – Just to show you how small Windycon is, this hour of art is only accepting 15 participants.  Windycon will provide source material, scissors, and glue- attendees provide the art. As an added bonus, the Fan Guest of Honor will be offering feedback!  Someday, when I’m a big important guest, I hope to do something so fun. 🙂  (2PM, Boardroom)

Loving the Bad Guy – Recently, I was told that I am a Slytherin and just need to accept it.  I looked back on my recent costume choices- Envy Adams, Joffrey Baratheon, Scar… oh, shoot.  I think I am a bad guy lover!  This panel will talk all about why we love to hate the villain, even if they never, ever reform.  (8PM, Lilac D)



Bioengineering and the Future of Us – Little known fact: I went to college in Peoria, IL.  Thus, when a 2-year-old girl was given a lab-grown trachea transplant in Peoria earlier this year, I was extra proud.  Tragically, the toddler died due to unrelated complications.  This scientific leap, though, is only the beginning of bioengineering in medicine.  Sunday’s panel discussion will highlight the tough questions, such as how affordable transplants may become, and who will own the patented body parts.  (Noon, Lilac D)

My Body Doesn’t Bend That Way! – I adore The Hawkeye Initiative, so I fully endorse this presentation. Author Jim Hines will analyze some absurd fantasy and sci-fi covers, featuring strange, sexy poses that can’t actually be done.  Warning: don’t try to recreate this imagery at home!!  (1 PM, Junior Ballroom C)

Windycon promotional banner

Windycon 2013 is the convention’s 40th year!!

Windycon 40 – November 8th-10th, 2013.  Westin Lombard, 70 Yorktown Shopping Center, Lombard.  $20-50 for day passes, $60 for full weekend at the door.

Can’t wait to see you all at Windy.  This is the first of FIVE conventions GGC is checking out in November- whoa!  Let me know in the comments below which ones you’ll be attending.  I’m going to have to make some more buttons to give out.


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