Product Review: The Force Collection, Star Wars Nail Polish by Frakker Lacquer

It’s a shame that I’m an anxious nail biter.  Whenever something stresses me out, I chomp my nails right off.  So, when Alyssa from Frakker Lacquer reached out to me for a review, I panicked!  My nails were down to stumps (still are).  Thankfully, I have some lovely friends who were willing to be photographed.  The Force was with me and I completed this review.

Frakker Lacquer promotes self-expression by designing nail polish for geeks.  Each product is fandom-inspired.  All are “big five free” and made in the USA.

The Force Collection, of course, contains eight Star Wars-inspired shades.  It is a diverse set, with glitters, sheers, and mattes included.  Frakker Lacquer was kind enough to send me all of them!   I’ll share the colors in pairs, based on their similarities.

Frakker Lacquers The Force Collection

A not-so-very long time ago, on a dining room table not-so-far away…



Geek Inspiration:  The color names in The Force Collection are very literal.  My Only Hope is the exact blue of Leia’s hologram message in Episode IV.  Little Green Man is clearly inspired by Yoda, the wise Jedi Master.

Color: Both of these colors are metallic with a slight sheen.  My Only Hope was a favorite of all 3 girls who tried it.  This sky blue is feminine and quirky without being neon.  Little Green Man strikes a sweet spot between military and slime- honestly the most attractive green I’ve seen.

Frakker Lacquer My Only Hope

My Only Hope is a metallic, watery blue.

Frakker Lacquer Little Green Man

Little Green Man is a sheer, alien green.

Performance: These two are grouped together because of their sheerness.  My models put on 3 coats each, and could still see their nails underneath.  While full opacity was difficult to achieve, the result was a surprisingly work-appropriate blue and green.  Both colors had a nice shine.  Sadly, My Only Hope and Little Green Man lacked staying power.  Like many colors in The Force Collection, they would chip after just one day.  Wear a topcoat!!

Frakker Lacquer My Only Hope

Fit for an intergalactic princess.

Frakker Lacquer Little Green Man

Mm, look shiny, you do! And green, yes!

Rating: 3/5



Geek Inspiration: Princess Leia is not afraid to speak her mind.  However, I think that calling Chewbacca a “Walking Carpet” was a little mean.  I hope she apologized off-screen.  A-Mace-Ing! is inspired by Mace Windu’s custom weapon.  Samuel L. Jackson proves that, when you’re a cool enough dude, you can have any lightsaber color you want.

Color:  Walking Carpet is certainly the most intriguing color in The Force Collection.  I’ve honestly never worn brown lacquer before, and had never seen such a creamy, milk chocolate color for nails.  All of the girls I gathered were excited to try A-Mace-Ing.  This electric fuschia practically glows from the bottle.

Frakker Lacquer Walking Carpet

Walking Carpet is a warm, matte brown.

Frakker Lacquer A-Mace-ing

A-Mace-ing is a matte, electric fuschia.

Performance: Once applied, these shades are bizarrely matte.  Neither Walking Carpet nor A-Mace-Ing! benefits from this lack of shine.  The brown ends up looking drab.  The fuschia loses its spark.  These formulas also seem thicker than the others, resulting in uneven application.  Walking Carpet, in particular, separated when I left it in a drawer.  Shake these up!!  You can make up for all of these issues with a strong topcoat, but these colors don’t work without help.

Frakker Lacquer Walking Carpet

Someone move this walking carpet!!

Frakker Lacquer A-Mace-ing

When blue or green just aren’t cool enough…

Rating: 2/5



Geek Inspiration: Star Wars is a classic tale of good vs. evil.  Thus, The Force Collection wouldn’t be complete without something very light and something very dark.  Dark Father truly captures the essence of Darth Vader.  Frostbite comes straight from the ice planet Hoth.

Color: While its base is black, there’s more to Dark Father than meets the eye.  The lacquer is full of teeny, tiny, red and blue microglitters.  Similarly, the pure white of Frostbite is speckled with a silver-blue shine.

Frakker Lacquer Dark Father

Dark Father is a stackable black with Vader-esque blue and red sparkles.

Frakker Lacquer Frostbite

Frostbite is a gleaming, frosty white with silvery-blue microglitter.

Performance: Dark Father goes on sheer, but can be effectively layered.  You can wear it as a subtle gray, or a deep, rock star black.  It’s complex and deep.  Contrarily, Frostbite reflects a TON of light.  Such a pale color would normally make my skin look washed out, but Frostbite does no such thing.  Both colors have one issue: the glitters seen in the bottle become nearly invisible on nails.  The sparkles are basically just for the wearer- a little secret.  I was disappointed by this, at first, but now I think it’s fun!  Sadly, both colors chip after a day.  Remember topcoat.

Frakker Lacquer Dark Father

An appropriately-sinister hand pose.

FrakkerLacquer Frostbite

As reflective as freshly-fallen snow on Hoth!

 Rating: 4/5



Geek Inspiration: Finally, the glitters!  These two colors are inspired by C-3PO and R2-D2, the lovable droids in every Star Wars film.

Color: Protocol Droid and Cute Little Droid have transparent bases.  They are best used as topcoats, as seen in the below photos.  Protocol Droid is gold, gold, gold- different shapes and sizes of the stuff.  Cute Little Droid is a spattering of silver hexagons, blue circles, silver bars, and itty-bitty dots.

Performance: These bottles have glitter to spare.  They look great after just one coat.  Protocol Droid and Cute Little Droid are also the best Frakker Lacquer has to offer in terms of staying power.  Both last 2-3 days longer than the other colors.  These hues look appropriate over several other members of the collection; they actually improve the mattes.  I’ve seen several other gold glitters just like this one, but Cute Little Droid is totally unique.

Frakker Lacquer Protocol Droid

Protocol Droid is seen here OVER Walking Carpet. Protocol Droid is a dynamic gold glitter of different shapes and sizes.

Frakker Lacquer Cute Little Droid

Cute Little Droid is seen here OVER Frostbite. Cute Little Droid is a mixed glitter- blue and silver polka dots, plus small silver speckles and bars.

Rating: 5/5



The Force Collection hits a lot of notes- warm and cool, shiny and matte, even glitter.  This diversity is a fantastic strategy for a new company.  Every geek can find at least one item to love.  The colors are clearly Star Wars-inspired, with a few shades I’d never seen before.

The downfall of this set is its staying power; colors chipped after just one day.  I recommend Seche Vite or Piggy Paint Over the Top for topcoats.  To be fair, I play a lot of video games and use the computer daily, but that’s what geek girls do!

Each bottle from The Force Collection is $8.99.  The full set is $64.99.  Given how different the colors are, you might not like every single one; pick two favorites and get ’em.  I wear Frostbite all the time, with A New Hope a close second.  My models snatched up Dark Father and Cute Little Droid with glee.



My deepest thanks to Frakker Lacquer for reaching out.  Trying all of these was a blast!  Check out the official website HERE.  See The Force Collection HERE, though I’m really looking forward to the upcoming Game of Thrones set.  Alyssa is highly responsive on Facebook and  Twitter, too!

Lastly, go read this very odd story about R2-D2 being married.  I learned about it through Frakker Lacquer.  😛


NEXT TIME: Pictures from Dan Con and the Ommegang Take the Black Stout launch party!

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