7 Geeky Trends that Died in My Lifetime... and Why I'm GLAD

Let me set one thing straight here.  If you’re expecting a warm, fuzzy, nostalgic list of beloved things from the past, forget it.  Buzzfeed has plenty of those.  THIS article is about how utterly stupid a craze can be.

It still surprises me that kids can get bullied for liking Star Wars, comics, etc.  What makes one weird trinket more praise-worthy than another?  Craziest of all, parents- grown adults- often participate in kiddie fads.  I know my folks traveled far and wide to buy Power Rangers.  (Thanks, Mom and Dad!)

I will admit that I participated in all of the below trends.  Heck, I loved them at the time.  I find collecting things geeky by default, but on the school playground, some collections mean popularity and friendship.  Uh, yikes.  Hindsight is 20-20, and WOW!  Just look at this list.

I’ve excluded trends that are still alive, like Pokemon, and things that I think are awesome… like Pokemon.


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