My Geeky Springtime Playlist - Help Build It!

Every time Spring returns to Chicago, the same song goes through my head: Funeral Face by Suburban Kids with Biblical Names.  “…but pretty soon it will happen, the Sun will go murder the snow!”  It absolutely suits the aggressive, somewhat crazy joy I feel when it finally warms up around here.  I, like others of my kind, want to put on a sundress when the temperature is barely above 40.

I’ve started making playlists to listen to while I’m running or walking.  Here’s the start of a geeky, seasonally-appropriate soundtrack.

 WARNING:  Some of these songs are NOT safe for children!!

Special thanks to reader Phillip S for contributing several tracks. 🙂  Please add more by posting below.  I’ll update the article with any songs that are particularly poignant.  Happy Spring, geeks!



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