5 Geeky Date Ideas for Valentine's Day in Chicago

I take geek romance very seriously.  It’s one of my favorite blogging topics, from themed gift ideas to advice for singles.  Today, I’m addressing the most common question I get: “What’s the best place in Chicago for a geeky date?” …OK, busted.  I totally did this last year.  However, I have even MORE to share in 2013!

Here are a few MORE of my favorite places for romantic, totally geeky outings.  If Valentine’s Day isn’t for you, know that you can visit these spots year round:


1.  Coffee at The Wormhole – This not-so-average coffee spot has a very specific place in my heart.  It was the Winter of 2011.  I’d had too much to drink at a local science pub.  I ended up here with my soon-to-be-and-totally-still-is-now boyfriend, drinking the very first latte of my entire life… in front of a DeLorean.  I’ve loved The Wormhole ever since.  They have great drinks, sweet local pastries, and tons of memorabilia to get any geek talking.  “I have a vintage Star Wars lunch box just like that!”  …I do.  (1462 N. Milwaukee.)


2. Board Games at Guthries – If you’re sick of fratty, post-Cubs game bars, head for Guthries Tavern.  This Lakeview spot is cozy!  The music is kept low enough for conversation, and over 50 board games encourage getting-to-know-you time.  Trust me, you learn a lot about a person by watching them game.  😉  Even the Yelp reviews call Guthries “the perfect first date place!”  (1300 W. Addison.)


3. Video Games Plus Beer – Adulthood rocks.  When you’re an adult, you get to play Rampage WITH a grown-up beverage in hand.  Yessss!  …and if you have a Player 2, it’s even better.  There are 2 locations in Chicago that rock the retro gaming + alcohol combo:  Emporium (Wicker Park) and Headquarters (Lakeview).  Not 21?  My favorite all-ages arcades are Galloping Ghost and Underground Retrocade.  Finally, if modern gaming is more your speed, check out Ignite Network (Avondale), Game Pazzo (Downers Grove), or even a national chain like Gameworks or Dave and Buster’s.


4. Charlie Brown and the Great Exhibit at MSI – Good grief.  Is there any love story more innocent and tragic than Charlie Brown and the Little Redheaded Girl?   MSI‘s current blockbuster is only around for another week.   If you haven’t seen The Great Exhibit yet, Valentine’s Day is a lovely opportunity.  Then, of course, stay for the science.  (57th and Lake Shore Drive.  $18 general admission, $5 for Charlie Brown.)


5. Science Dining at Moto –  Brace yourselves, gentle readers.  Dinner at Moto is $175… but SO worth it.  Chef and molecular gastronomer Homaro Cantu uses science to expand society’s definitions of food and flavor.  The standard 15 courses at Moto may feature any of the following: liquid nitrogen, zen garden hand tools, edible ash, edible paper… the list goes on.  Best of all, Cantu’s research could save the world.  Miracle Berries, for example, have the potential to help everyone from cancer patients to impoverished nations.   Doesn’t that sound worth $175?  I thought so.  (945 W. Fulton Market)

Edible Menu from Moto

Edible Menu from Moto. Photo by Yelp user Yosh H.

BONUS:  For a Moto-like experience for a lower price, ($20+) check out The Aviary– a bar where your beverage might come in an ice orb or explode in your mouth.

If you visit any of these places this week, let know how it went!  Also, do comment with any geek date spots I might have missed. 🙂

That’s it for this year’s Valentine’s Day posts.  I hope all of you readers know how much I love YOU!


NEXT TIME: Photos and stories from Capricon!

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