Valentine's Day is Magic: Romantic My Little Pony Gifts

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, it’s time to find the perfect gift for your very special somepony.  …Yep, I said “somepony.”  If your bf or gf is a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, you have a huge pool of gifts to choose from.  Figurines and playsets are the most prevalent, but the brand is everywhere.  My geek guy even offered to buy me some Pinkie Pie bubble bath at the grocery store!  I almost said yes.

In my opinion, the best MLP gifts available are fan-made.  Your beloved Brony or Pegasister would love…

A handsome tie!  – Some Bronies are just classier than others.  My Little Ties are perfect for the Brony with style.  The patterns are small, subtle, and printed on (mostly) professional colors like navy blue and dark teal.   The creator is responsive on Twitter, too.  Brohoof.  ($25)

TIEmlord Tie


Delicious cake! – Sweets are sweet, but a pony cake is 20% cooler!  Laura, owner of Krazy Kool Cake Designs, specializes in sugar art cartoon characters.  Her ponies are totally recognizable; I especially appreciate the attention to hairstyles.  Put one of these on top of a store-bought ice cream cake for a romantic and easy dessert.  ($40)

Twilight Spar-... er, Purple Unicorn!


A versatile necklace!  – I’m crazy about jewelry that can be both formal and casual.  Pendants by RedStarEast are cute, affordable, and sturdy.   I’ve worn my Big Mac and Cheerilee with jeans as well as dresses.  They get tons of compliments.  The artist, Anne, is originally from Chicago, too- a nice bonus.  ($10)

Pinkie Pie necklace


Adorable plushies!  – If your bf or gf fancies more obscure characters, a custom plushie may be the answer. There are many artists you can call upon, but I recommend a specific gal.  Margaret, a.k.a. CreatedWithLove, sells her designs at Chicago conventions and online.  Her ponies are nice, but her Discord is positively masterful!  (Contact for pricing.)

Rarity and Spike.  Not my OTP, but someone's.

If you don’t have a deadline, also bookmark the page of SpaceVoyager, whose commissions are currently closed.


An E-card Made by You!  Finally, don’t forget to create an e-Valentine on The Hub’s Official My Little Pony Card Creator.  It’s free!   I got distracted for quite some time assembling this:

My masterpiece!

I know- it’s a masterpiece.  By the way, if you don’t have “a very special somepony,” any of the above would make a great gifts for one’s self. 🙂


Do you have a favorite MLP fan artist not listed here?  Additional gift ideas?  JUST LOVE PONIES?!  Post below!

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