Shire Sausage and Hobbit Holes: The Hobbit Menu at Denny's

If you haven’t discovered the Denny’s Hobbit Menu yet, please… enlighten yourself.  When I first heard about this crazy film tie-in, all I could do was cringe.  Everything on the menu sounded, well, sexual.  What, you think I’m kidding?  Just read some of these names aloud:

Hobbit Slam.

Shire Sausage.

Hobbit Hole.

…to be fair, a Hobbit-hole (spelled with a dash, mind you) is legitimately a home for a Hobbit.  I wasn’t about to give Denny’s any credit, though.  Heck, their TV commercial features two Gandalfs having breakfast together.  COME ON, Denny’s Marketing Department!  Gandalf isn’t a race.  You can’t be a Gandalf.  There are no herds of wild Gandalfs traveling to their local Denny’s to “Eat like a Hobbit.”  So, when I told my friends we should do a review for Geek Girl Chicago, I was joking.  JOKING.

Then, suddenly, we were there- eight geeks having Elevenses at the Oakbrook Denny’s.  My life… is weird and awesome.

Click through the image gallery below, and read the captions to learn all about my Fellowship’s adventure.   A special “thank you” to our waitress, who kept our glasses full, split the check 8 ways, and didn’t mind that we stuck around to discuss The Silmarillion in painstaking detail.

In thanks, I promise not to be as scathing as Stephen Colbert was.

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