Rising Stars of Geek Rock IV: Time Crash

Doctor Who might be my top fandom of all time.  However, I have a BIG pet peeve:  The Eleventh Doctor’s Theme song, I am The Doctor.  This redundant tune has accompanied Matt Smith for three seasons- every action sequence, every revelation, every emotional moment.  I am tired of it. The soundtrack could be so much more!

Enter Time Crash.  This new, Chicago-based band is creating the Time Lord Rock (“Trock”) that fans deserve.  Born from a whimsical Facebook status, they premiered last Thursday at The Abbey Pub.  I think it was a fantastic show.  I must admit, I was awfully distracted by the gorgeous guiTARDIS!*

Several genres of rock made it into the Time Crash set, from punk to power ballad.  I vastly preferred the band live over recorded.  The song Little Amelia sounded richer, more enthusiastic, and of course, louder.  With four types of guitar and a vocalist that can belt, these Trockers should be heard at full volume.  My favorite song was Heart of the TARDIS.  Geek Girl Jess enjoyed The Last Human, the second song on the EP.

Time Crash at The Abbey

Whenever I hear of a fandom-based band, my question is, “Is this sustainable?”  I interviewed Time Crash, and the answer is definitely “yes.”

These folks LOVE Doctor Who.  Lead guitarist Dave Kitsberg regards the series as “a study of what makes us so human, so interesting.”  He explains of The Doctor’s many Companions, “I always feel like you’re them… You kind of have to live vicariously through them, even though they occasionally make terrible decisions.”  Several of the group’s songs are Companion tributes.

The band also values the amount of material provided by The Doctor.  “He goes through all of space and time.  He covers every single possible thing,” says steel guitarist Chris Rice.  “We can do anything and everything… It’s a freedom musically to break out of what’s expected.”   Thus far, Time Crash‘s music is all from New!Who.  With almost fifty years of episodes, though, there’s ample room for expansion.

Promo image

Time Crash isn’t entirely Who-centric.  Bassist Michael Fye has only seen three episodes, though he was a Matt Smith fan prior.  Drummer Andy Rice is keeping an “objective view,” so he’s “not allowed to” see any Who at all!  Explains vocalist/guitarist Ronen Mark, “We’re also trying to write songs that people can just appreciate as music, even if they’re not into the show.”  Band members’ personal influences include The Beatles, Jonathan Coulton, Delia Derbyshire, Eric Clapton, Bill Lesh, and even Celine Dion.

What’s next for Time Crash?  “One gig at a time,” says Michael.  Chris wants to “get back into the studio to record more songs and complete [the] first full album.”  Aspirations include collaboration with Five Year Mission, or even UK Trock band Chameleon Circuit.  

Until then, the band is grateful for what they have.  “This is already a dream come true,” says Ronen.  Dave agrees,  “It’s just such an exciting thing to escape with The Doctor… I don’t know how I could ever get sick of it.”

Little Amelia EP Cover
Time Crash is Ronen Mark (vocalist/rhythm guitar), Dave Kitsberg (lead guitar), Michael Fye (bass), Chris Rice (steel guitar) and Andy Rice (drums).  For more information, future show dates, and to purchase their EP, visit: Official Site, Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter.


*I gathered a TON of info on the guiTARDIS and its creation.  Sadly, I ran out of space.  If you’re curious, visit Rice Custom Guitars.  Photos and tiered pricing coming soon!

NEXT TIME: Photos from Midwestria!!



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