Midwestria 2012 Recap: A New Celebration for Everypony

While I did not get to attend Midwestria 2012, GGC’s illustrious photographer did.  Geek Girl Jess returned from the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic convention with stories and pics galore!

Midwestria was definitely fan-focused.  Everyone was friendly, from Con Ops to the enthusiastic attendees.  The small Dealers’ Hall was filled with local artists.  All of the musicians present were fan favorites (EHT, EuroBrony), and the Costume Contest ran smoothly.  Some Bronies and Pegasisters drove over 12 hours to attend!

The con’s strongest suit was its programming.  A Mafia/Werewolf-esque game of “Are You a Changeling?” entertained all weekend.  Iron Pony and Iron Artist tested guests’ physical and creative talents.  The Grand Galloping Gala attracted formal cosplayers.  The only scheduling slip seemed to be the Running of the Leaves charity 5k, which was poorly-attended due to a 6AM start time.

The costumers were incredibly dedicated, from guards carrying pony royalty to in-character musician roommates.  So, how does one dress up as a pony?  MLP costuming is special because there’s room for interpretation.  Girls and guys turn their favorite characters into humans.  They ask themselves, “What would this character wear?”  and “Where should the Cutie Mark go?” Award-winning outfits at Midwestria included Photo Finish, Granny Smith, and several princesses.

Pheasant Run in St. Charles offers some awesome photography backdrops.  Here’s a bountiful batch of Midwestria images. Most were taken by Geek Girl Jess (dressed as Chrysalis), but a few were contributed by guest photog Tina N.  Have fun browsing.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go create some Pony-themed Para Para routines…

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