Product Review: Geek Chic Cosmetics

Summer is convention season, and that means cosplay!   I stumbled across Geek Chic Cosmetics while working on my latest costume. GCC creates “gluten-free, cruelty-free, vegan” goods.  Many fandoms are celebrated in their collections, including Doctor Who,  The Princess Bride, Portal, Firefly, Game of Thrones, Babylon 5, and more.  I couldn’t resist ordering a few.*

I’m no makeup guru, but here’s my point of view- eyes first, then lips!


 1. Eyeshadows

Full-sized packages; all others were sample-sized.

Packaging: Full-sized eyeshadows come in 5gr jars.  The lids twist on and off, and product can be shaken from a lower compartment into the top.  Thus, you use only the exact amount you want.

The sample sizes are another story.  The 1gr containers are single-compartment.  They snap open and shut abruptly, often causing eyeshadow to spill.  Take my advice- splurge and buy the full-sized!  Your makeup bag, fingers, and sink will thank you.

A rainbow of awesome.

From left:  Sexy in Suspenders, All the Rage, All Love is Inrequited, Combustible Lemon, N7.

Performance:  Since Geek Chic was generous enough to send so many eyeshadow samples, I’ll go over each color individually:

A. Combustible Lemon (“Portals” Collection)
Look attractive to Cave Johnson.

Color: An electric yellow, with a glittery splash of gold, red, orange, and blue.

Geek Factor:  This yellow symbolizes Cave Johnson, the founder and CEO of Portal‘s Aperture Science.  He calls himself “the man who’s gonna burn your house down!  With lemons!!”   Cave’s corporate portrait from the 70s features this hue.

Performance:  Initially goes on thin, but can be layered to opacity.  More shimmer and less glitter than expected.  Blends well, making a versatile product.  I suggest keeping this one on your lids, though, as undereye application made me look a touch jaundiced.  >_>

Rating: 5/5


B. N7 (“N7” Collection)
Fashion Readiness: 100%.

Color: A bold, primary red, straight from a box of crayons.

Geek Factor:  If applied heavily, this is the exact red of the N7 logo from Mass Effect.  FemShep would call it her favorite eyeshadow on the Citadel.

Performance:  Red is a tough color to wear- use primer!  Otherwise, “N7” goes on a bit patchy, and can make your skin look irritated.  This shade can make some daring looks, and has earned me many compliments.  Geek Girl Jess recommends “N7” as an affordable alternative to Sephora’s “Geisha Kiss.”  Try it as an eyeliner!

Rating: 4/5


C. Sexy in Suspenders (“Timey Wimey” Collection)
Wibbly wobbly, timey wimey shadow.

Color: A pale, natural beige, with surprising blue glitter.

Geek Factor:  The “Timey Wimey” collection captures several key Doctor Who hues, from Dalek copper to the exact purple of Rose Tyler’s jacket.  “Sexy in Suspenders” draws its inspiration from Jack Harkness, but I find the brown/blue combo more characteristic of Ten.

Performance:  Goes on smooth and even, with a pleasing amount of sparkle.   Can be worn alone, or as a base for more complicated looks.  I wear this shade when I want to look natural and clean; definitely a work-appropriate choice.

Rating: 5/5


D. All the Rage (“10 Man Raid” Collection)
Warrior-class eyes.

Color: A warmer brown than the previous, with cool green and blue highlights for contrast.  LOTS of sparkle.  More red-toned than the website implies.

Geek Factor:  The girls at GCC created colors for ten different MMO classes.  “All the Rage” is inspired by the Warrior.  I wouldn’t call this color “geeky” on its own, but it makes sense with its brethren.  Fans of World of Warcraft should be especially tickled.

Performance:  Another even, natural look.  I use it more for evening wear due to the extreme sparkle (the photo doesn’t do it justice).  Can be partnered with metallics for a stunning sheen.

Rating: 4/5


E. All Love is Unrequited 
Saddest.  Name.  Ever.

Color: Deep, deep violet, with red and purple glitz.

Geek Factor:  I have a confession to make.  I’ve never seen Babylon 5.   This futuristic purple appears on some of Susan Ivanova‘s clothing.  Apparently, it also embodies her dark, romantic tragedies.  It’s honestly too interpretive for me, but the resulting color is unique.

Performance:  Primer, primer, primer!!  Otherwise, the product goes on patchy.  Tap all excess shadow from your brush, because “All Love is Unrequited” easily sprinkles onto cheeks.  Attempted removal can emphasize undereye circles, or make skin look bruised.  I make a mess every time, but if you’re VERY careful, the result is worth it.  Success means a multifaceted, shimmery, rainbow in the right light.  I love it as a wet eyeliner.

Rating: 3/5

Bonus Completed Looks:  Myself * Jess



2. JoySticks * Toxic Unicorn

Always, I want to be with you, and make believe with you...

Packaging: Adorable, strongly-branded label.  The end my lipstick was oddly-shaped, so it took a bit of work to contour it to my lips.  Once ready, the thin tube allows for precision application.  Easy open, easy close.

Color:  Greeeen.  Green like Slimer and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  I chose this shade for Poison Ivy cosplay.

Geek Factor:  All of the above references would have made more sense to me, but hey.  I can’t argue with unicorns.

Performance:  What I love about this li’l lippie is its moisture.  Made from carnauba wax, it stays soft- just don’t leave it in the sun!   The product goes on even and opaque.  It comes off easily, though.  After an hour, it was already looking tired; here’s the comparison photo:

Green with lipstick envy.

I’d highly recommend “Toxic Unicorn” for a cosplay photoshoot- lips will look shiny and smooth.  Sadly, it isn’t for all-day convention wear.

Rating: 3/5



3. BioBalms * Rapture

RAPTURE, a lipgloss where the artist would not fear the censor...

Packaging: A nice, BIG product- 10g!  BioBalm comes in a squeezable tube with an angled tip.  The label is my favorite of those I ordered.  It captures the spirit of Bioshock, and compliments the color of the actual balm.

Color: None, really!  Very sheer, with the smallest bit of sparkle.  It has an unexpected mint flavor.

Geek Factor:  As far as I can tell, the Bioshock theme is just for fun.  I can stretch, and say that Rapture was meant to nourish its citizens like BioBalms nourish lips, but… I would never do that.  😉  That would just be awful.

Performance:  I saved this product for last, because it’s my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE.  No exaggeration- it’s the lip balm I’d been waiting for.  It’s thick, but not sticky.  My boyfriend will kiss me right after I apply it, which I can’t say about any other lip product in my arsenal!  I carry “Rapture” with me at all times.  It works both under and over lipstick, or on its own.  I’m very self-conscious about dry, creased lips, and BioBalm has inspired me to go lipstick-free on many occasions.   I threw out my JuicyLips from Lancome; BioBalms feel better, taste better, and are FAR more affordable.  Get yours.

Rating: 5/5


Obligatory logo time!

The girlie geek and the alt beauty goddess will love Geek Chic Cosmetics.  Their products feature bright colors, a TON of sparkle, and many edgy options.  The geeky themes are sometimes right-on, sometimes a stretch, but always fun.  Ladies who shy away from glitter and bold pigment might want to look elsewhere.  Me?  I’m made for this stuff.

GCC also carries foundation and blush, not reviewed here.  I needed to save something for my next purchase.  😉

As usual, if YOU buy, tell ’em Geek Girl Chicago sent you!




*Geek Chic Cosmetics was kind enough to send a few free samples.  The following colors were free add-ons: “All Love is Unrequited,” “All the Rage,” “Sexy in Suspenders.”  I did not review “We are One” or “Everybody Lies.”  Info available upon request.


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    Love the reviews! Though I would suggest that you pick up a sticky primer (like pixie epoxy by Fyrinnae or LA Splash's Eyeshadow Sealer/ Base) because you'll get a LOT more bang for your buck, and the glitter from Combustible Lemon sticks that way, showing off the glitter that tends to fall off otherwise. It also helps adhere the shimmer and such. Trust me, totally worth the purchase! We're glad you like the stuff!


  • In reply to Gwynn Northwood:

    Thanks for the reply! Yes, I realized about halfway through my testing that I should've picked up a primer. I don't usually wear a lot of glitter/bright colors at work, so I hadn't found primer worth the investment. Now that I own this stuff, though, I'll definitely be getting some!

  • fb_avatar

    Great review! Loose pigments can be tricky, especially if you want to use what I call the 'glitter bombs'. It look me a while to get it right. Definitely use a primer and for all day wear, also use a sticky base on top of the primer. Pat the shadows on rather than rub and you'll keep more of the glitter on. If you apply a little bit of loose powder under your eyes, then if you get fall out you can just sweep it away with a large powder brush. Honestly, I haven't yet found a lip color that really lasts all day through an event. Any lip color that's creamy and pretty will need at least one touch up and maybe two. It's the curse of pretty lips!

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