Product Review: False Nostalgia Scents 'n Sundries

Yesterday was my birthday.  In an effort to silence the age-related sadness, I bought myself some gifts.  False Nostalgia is an etsy store specializing in Firefly/Serenity and other fandom-themed fragrances, lotions, soaps, etc.  Shiny!  Shannon, the shop owner, is a sweetheart who loves feedback.  Her scent list is expansive, and even has some options for geek guys.

Here’s a breakdown of my order.  Before you read, know that I am no fragrance aficionado; I shy away from anything too flowery, fruity, frilly, masculine… wait, why did I buy this stuff again?  Oh, right, the geekiness.

1. Natural Soy Body Butter * Mrs. Reynolds

Mrs. Reynolds Body Butter

Scent:  This fragrance is inspired by Firefly’s wicked but sexy con artist, Saffron.  Er, Yolanda.  …Bridget?  Anyway, it’s billed as a spicy cinnamon with notes of wild fruits.   I love pomegranate, but most of all, wanted to see if a spicy scent could work on women.  Honestly, the spice doesn’t read much.  Tangy fruit takes the lead in this mixture.  It definitely says “Mrs. Reynolds,” though- sensual and complex.

Performance: I use body butter primarily on my legs after shaving.  This one more than does the job.  The luxurious texture is reminiscent of cake frosting, mmm!  Natural ingredients mean the product is non-irritating.  If applied in moderation, it absorbs quickly.  Most impressive was the scent’s staying power.  After 4 hours, my skin was fragrant, and remained so even at bedtime.

Value:  A satisfying amount of product for the price.  Very worth it.

Overall: 4/5.  Great value, long lasting.  I don’t feel the scent fits the description, but I’m still excited to wear it often.


2. Solid Perfume * Bad Wolf Bay

Bad Wolf Bay Solid Perfume

Scent: I admit, I don’t like rose fragrances; they remind me of my Grandma’s cottage.  However, I adore Rose Tyler- my favorite companion from Doctor Who.  This scent’s description enticed me with oceanic notes.  The fragrance possesses rosy maturity, but with a twist: a beach-y quality blowing away some of that dust.  Very feminine.

Performance:  The scent is POWERFUL when first applied.  My Geek Guy actually sputtered and backed off after attempting a kiss on the neck!  Oops.  This was after just a light dab, so be careful.  On the bright side, this strength meant another long-lasting product.  The fragrance settled, and kept for hours.

Value:  A small pot, but you barely need any to make a big impression.

Overall: 3/5.  The beginning is overpowering; I’ve yet to apply a dab small enough.  I hear Shannon is considering roll-on perfumes, which I’d support.  The fragrance accurately portrays an emotional Doctor Who scene.  A lot of thought goes into how to capture beloved characters and moments.


3. Bar Soap * Butterbeer

Butterbeer Soap

Scent:  Harry Potter fans have very specific notions of how butterbeer looks, smells, and tastes.   This soap captures my interpretation perfectly.  The scent is a simple, yummy butterscotch.  The day I received it, I kept grabbing it and sniffing it for no reason.  Nomnomnom…

Performance:  Using this in the shower is therapeutic.  The scent fills the area, and the soap spreads like lotion.  I liked it even more after 2-3 uses, and here’s why:  There are bits of oatmeal (?) inside!  As the bar dissolves, a textured surface for scrubbing forms.

Value:  Mine was thrown in as a freebie- a sweet gesture False Nostalgia is known for.

Overall: 5/5.  Yup, my free item is my favorite.  The scent is rich, the bar grows a scrubby side, and the inserted firewhiskey stein adds some Harry Potter whimsy.  Get yourself one!

False Nostalgia Logo

False Nostalgia’s products make me feel pretty and girly, while keeping my geek cred intact.  Some fragrances are more directly related to fandom than others, so there’s an option for all types.  The shop owner does a bit of research to figure out what fandoms her customers like, so my package featured a TARDIS sticker.  I hope the place gets super-famous online, but never loses the personal touches.

If you buy, tell ’em Geek Girl Chicago sent you!


Was this product review helpful to you?  Would you like to see more?  Never again?  Let me know! 

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