Geek Dates for V-Day and Beyond

So.  You’ve made the decision with your geeky beloved to have a “low key” Valentine’s Day, because it’s “a Hallmark holiday” and “not a big deal,” right?  Wrong.  I say that every year… and then get jealous of some chick with a dozen roses or Godiva chocolates or a Harry Potter LEGO set or pink D20s that I wouldn’t even use.

Take heed lest ye fall, geeks.  The object of your affection deserves something.  If you haven’t gotten a sweet gift or awesome tickets yet, consider my final Valentine advice.

Part 3: Date night for the Chicago Geek.   …I might go on a date someday, myself, if I can stop playing SW:TOR for a freakin’ hour.

1. Coffee, Internets, and a DeLorean!  The Wormhole Coffee in Wicker Park is a geek’s paradise.  Couples can grab a hot cocoa, cuddle up on the couch, play a board game, discuss Firefly returning to basic cable…  It’s a great place for a first date, too; the decor provides endless conversational topics. Displayed memorabilia includes everything from Star Wars coffee mugs and lunchboxes to an honest-to-goodness DeLorean.  You can also get caffeinated, get online, and explore the wonders of teh Internets together, if that’s what you’re about.* Bonus: The employees are rad, and highly communicative on Twitter! (1462 N. Milwaukee Ave.)  Yelp

2. Game On!  Ignite Network Gaming Lounge in Roscoe Village is a place for pairs to test their compatibility… on the video game battlefield.  $12 buys 3 hours of play- a steal for those of us who can’t afford every console.  Portal 2 is a solid choice for couples who favor teamwork, but there’s also a plethora of shooters and fighters.  The big standouts are the private Rock Band studios, where you can get up on a lit stage and, well, “rock.”  My last experience at Ignite Network was bumpy; my party’s 1st choice game wouldn’t load at all, our second required lengthy downloads, and our mic needed batteries.  That said, Ignite Network is worth trying purely for the selection.  If you’re feeling fancy, you can even score your honey a smoothie at the snack bar.  (3171 N. Clybourn Ave.)  Yelp

3. Toy Troves in the Suburbs!  Chicago-proper has the best comic shops, but the ‘burbs boast some shiny stops for collectibles.   Take a day-trip with your companion to score top-notch swag.  For the Doctor Who Fan, Alien Entertainment in Lombard (702 S. Main St.) has the largest collection of Who goods outside of the UK.   If your Star Wars fan likes their toys authentic, Wonderland Multivintage in Brookfield (3731 Grand Blvd.) always has stock straight from the 70s.**  Toynk Toys in Bensenville (430 N. York Rd.) probably covers the widest array of fandoms, including anime, in case you’re courting an otaku.  Grab some ice cream or catch a movie on the way home, and you’ve got yourself a day-long date.

Yatta!  That concludes my series of Valentine’s posts.  If I haven’t inspired you yet, you might be reading the wrong blog!

He's very... HAN-some!!!

…and remember, if he/she says “I love you,” the best possible answer is, “I know.”



*Exploring the wonders of teh Internets is totally what I’m about.

**Ask me about the vintage R2-D2 plushie I purchased, and then accidentally murdered less than a day later!!  


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    Mass Effect 3 Demo comes out on Valentine's Day. I think I know what I'll be doing. >_>

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    ...a COMPLETELY valid choice, good sir. <3

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    In reply to Troppy:

    What better love is there than Shepard love? lol

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