Games Day 2011

Just a quick one today, geeks.  If you’re already headed for Cyphan– or even if you’re not- detour through through the Convention Center.  Tomorrow is Games Day 2011.  Sponsored by Games Workshop, it’s a tabletop miniature extravaganza.  Chicago was chosen as a central location for the entire US, so people are coming from all over!  Pick your poison:  gaming, painting, gaming, seminars, gaming, gaming, gaming…

Games Day 2011

It’s [War]hammer time: Warhammer, Warhammer 40K, and Lord of the Rings… hammer?

July 30th events start at 10:15 AM and run into the early evening at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont.  Contests to watch include costumes, full-sized banners, vehicle and monster conversions, art, and more.  Seminars will be held by game companies Mythic Bioware, Fantasy Flight, and Forge World.  Recruiters from Games Workshop will be on the scene in case you want to make this stuff your living.   There’s something called a Super-Heavy Tank Battle, a Golden Demon Slayer Sword Ceremony, and a life-sized cannon they’re allowing people to fire.  I’ve never gotten into miniatures- I’ve only ever touched HeroClix- but event names like this make me waaaay curious.  🙂

Most attendees will spend a ton of time just PLAYING- the perfect Saturday for a geek.

GAMES DAY 2011:  Games Workshop, Video Blog, Twitter

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