Prince is dead and the doves are crying


The Artist KNOWN AS PRINCE is dead and the doves are crying.

I was at my desk, unable to move when getting the news that Prince passed away. I first heard it from Windy City Live in Chicago, then I got the TMZ feed , then the AP wire alert. Dozens of Prince songs started to run through my mind as I tried to process the death of such an amazing icon. Controversy, Ronnie Talk to Russia, Sign o’ the Times, Purple Rain, Dirty Mind, I Wanna Be Your Lover, the extended versions of Erotic City, Let’s Go Crazy, and 17 Days.

Walking in a stuper, trying to get a grasp on the mortality of anyone, I just couldn’t get it together. Wow, 57 years old, and Prince checks out.

I have been to a number of Prince shows including Alphabet Street, Purple Rain, 1999, and many others. We enjoyed how he crafted music so effortlessly, having to create other acts like Mazerati, The Time, Vanity 6, and many others. You can’t find a more prolific artist than Prince. And then he does another movie called Under the Cherry Moon – a shadow of European filmmaking, starring himself and Jerome Benton. Parade, Around the World in a Day, For You, Old Friends 4 Sale. The album and song list goes on and on.

When I was in 8th grade, a classmate of mine named Barbara Washington, tapped me on the shoulder in science class. She said,”Garrard, have you heard about this singer named Prince? He looks like a woman and has this song called Soft and Wet.”  I went straight to the record store that afternoon and bought the record – and then I saw him a week later on American Bandstand. I was hooked and a fan ever since.


Saw the Purple Rain Tour in my senior year in high school, bought some purple Levi’s 501 button fly jeans with the flap torn off the reveal the buttons. Owned a trench coat, the jewelry, the books, and even a Hohner Mad Cat Guitar – that I never played.


21 instruments, a studio genius, a vocal perfectionist, impeccable songwriter, and the epitome of all artists.

I will miss Prince dearly.




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