Cam Newton is the smartest quarterback in the NFL

Cam Newton is the smartest quarterback in the NFL

Cam Newton is the smartest quarterback in the NFL. Yes. It’s true. And the MVP. He fostered a 15 and 1 tour de force, destroying opponents throughout the entire season. Audibles, secret signs, read options, speed, deception, an amazing throwing arm, and an elaborate intellectual playbook have been hallmark in his success as a QB in the NFL. 4.8 yards per carry, 60% completion rate, 3,800 yards passing, 239 yards per game passing, 35 touchdowns with a 99.4 QB rating.  This takes more than just strength, athleticism, size, and dancing. Winning 15 games in one season takes cognitive awareness on the highest level.  Have you noticed how his tempo and rhythm cause perplexity in defenses. His R-O is unstoppable.

cam-newton-dabbing.jpgCam Newton is the smartest quarterback in the NFL.

The Carolina Panthers neutralized the  Arizona Cardinals and the Seattle Seahawks in the post-season. Cam Newton: The King of Dab. In 5 years he’s played over 80 games and the growth and improvement have been tremendous. How does he keep so cool? Cam says,”I just depend on Wrigley’s Winterfresh chewing gum to get me through the adverse times in the games.”

Cam Newton is the smartest quarterback in the NFL.

I tend to agree with most of what the NFL Combine writers state concerning strengths of Newton. They don’t mention his intelligence, but they get the physical and emotional aspects right.  “Newton has a rare blend of height, strength and speed. Fierce competitor and emotional leader. Flashes the ability to zip the ball into tight spots. Has a quick, over-the-top delivery. Puts a ton of revolutions on the ball and can make all the throws. Frequently evades the rush for second-chance opportunities. Threat to pick up large chunks when he tucks.”

Cam Newton is the smartest quarterback in the NFL.

So it’s the confidence and flair that scares people into saying he is just a physical specimen and not a critical thinker. Is it his DAB dance that frightens us…his bronze skin, his smile, his influential voice, his wardrobe, his impeccable cadence at the line of scrimmage? Why can’t we just say, “Cam Newton is highly intelligent, clever, calculating, with an explosive mental outlook on football” ?

I am excited about Cam Newton. He is the future of QBs. The dances and celebrations are fun. The football giveaways are priceless. The DAB dance is hubris. We must not forget that we all have to have confidence in our careers. If you don’t have pride, respect, and confidence on your job, someone else is gunning to take your position. Cam Newton is serious about winning and winning is the objective. To win in the NFL, you must be strong, smart, athletically dominant, and courageous.

To go 15 and 1, get to a Super Bowl, and be fly at the same time, is hard work.

So when Cam says, “Readyyyyyyyyyyyyy … Ready Set Hut…” get ready to be outsmarted. He is a special quarterback with a special gift of higher intelligence.   Cam-Newton.jpg

Cam Newton 

Height: 6-5   Weight: 245   

Born: 5/11/1989 Atlanta , GA

College: Auburn

Experience: 5th season

IQ: Cam Newton is the smartest quarterback in the NFL.



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