Chicago Cubs slaughter Pittsburgh Pirates in easy win

Chicago Cubs slaughter Pittsburgh Pirates in easy win
Cubs Win

Yes, there is a God. The Cubs get a “W” in the post season.

Strike zones were loose, but we’ll take it. The Cub pitching and hitting were stellar. Schwarber and Fowler kicked major Pirate butt as the Cubs manhandle the black and yellow.

With pitchers hitting batters by intention or mistake, both benches cleared after Arrieta was dinged on the hip. It was so awesome to see the Cubs get mean for a change – defending their pitcher, meeting the Pirates at home plate.

Arrieta was invincible and cool as the lakefront on an October evening. While facing former Cub Aramis Ramirez, Arrieta threw off speed and heat that made Pirate fan anxiety elevate. With a 3-1 count, Ramirez hit into a double play. Inning over.

I am so happy to be a Cubs fan. It’s time to stop talking about the past. Let’s look forward.

The Cub chemistry is spooky. Joe Maddon’s line-up, strategy, and playfulness are at the height of Cub fever. The Cubs exercised patience, athleticism, grace, and an aggressive winning swagger. We finally looked like a contender.

Several Sox fans were tormenting me all week – wearing their White Sox gear around me, talking about Billy Goats, Bartman, and the 1969 Cubbies. But I didn’t care. I’m a ride or die Cubs fan.

Late in the game, Chicago fans tend to feel a nervous tension beyond compare. The choking of decades haunts us. We’re used to being the lovable losers, the coward Cubs, the poor excuse for CHI-Town baseball. But in Pittsburgh on a cool night, we prevailed.

Enjoy the victory Cub fans. We don’t get much to celebrate, so let’s party like it’s 1907 and 1908.

After 8 incredible innings of baseball, I began salivating. My Pavlovian reflex was uncontrollable. I craved a “W” like an addict. We want the Cardinals.

Cubs WIN in Pittsburgh. No rally for the black and yellow.

Cubs Win

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