President Obama restores diplomatic relations in Cuba

President Obama restores diplomatic relations in Cuba

President Obama believes in engagement.

He wants to open diplomatic relations with Cuba and wants to foster the exchange of travel and trade on the island 90 miles away from Florida.

“You can’t hold the future of Cuba hostage by holding on to the past,” Obama said. A United States embassy in Cuba will be groundbreaking and to be able to travel to Cuba and the United States freely will be liberating for Cubans and Americans.

Obama formally restores diplomatic relations with Cuba, which has been a sore of disconnect since the 1961 Eisenhower administration.

Things change and Obama’s “yes we can” mantra is in full swing. He is proving that being in your lame duck years of a presidency don’t have to be mundane and impotent. He is pressing the envelope. Health care for all and open trade and relations with Cuba could mean a tremendous improvement in the quality of life for Americans and the future prosperity of Cuba. I’ll be honest with you…when cigars, slot machines, and umbrella drinks on the beach are just a flight away, I will be in Cuba sunning and writing books.

Thanks to Mr. President, we can all breathe again and dream of a day of consuming and trading with Cuba. Let’s go.

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