Chief Keef and Lil Bibby give worst performance in music history

Chief Keef and Lil Bibby give worst performance in music history
Chief Keef promoting concert.

The highly anticipated Chief Keef show – in hologram form – on a secret stage, was far less entertaining than audience expectations. Stop the killing and stop the violence. An oxymoron of sorts. Besides the before act of Lil Bibby using extreme profanity while promoting “How We Move,” “Know Something'” and an album called “Free Crack,” Keef AKA Sosa, was smaller than life, although he claims to be finally rich. When will young black rappers realize that a $200,000 advance is not getting rich and if you sound like every other rapper with a mic and a video camera, you probably will be forgotten in 24 months?



The concert online ended abruptly and then several old videos of people riding mini bikes and smoking weed hit the screen. When the stream ceased showing the concert, Tracey Swartz sent this tweet out.

swartz tweet

I see law suit city coming after the streamer of the concert, the donation button owner, Chief Keef, and Crazefest. Although your donation was for stopping violence, donations were contingent upon getting a show from Chief Keef in hologram form. Hammond police shut that down quickly, and had to issue an apology.


A tattooed individual proceeded in close-up form by saying stop the violence, but continued a diatribe on how many ways he could say the word MF.  CrazeFest at Hammond, Indiana’s Wolf Lake was a buzz. Lil Bibby warmed up the audience with a lackluster and sad performance, not looking like a star at all. Everyone was on the stage with him and he blended in while his audience of zombies shouted “How We Move.” Far from stopping the violence.

How can you have a fundraiser for a baby who was killed…when your music emphasizes killing people?  Huh?

When Chief Keef appeared in small, out of focus, hologram form, the crowd roared, but police ordered the stopping of the show by pulling the plug. No love at all for Sosa.

After this disaster, Keef’s career may be in serious trouble. Trap/Drill/Funeral Durge music that glorifies killing, selling drugs, and getting high, may be on it’s way out. Chief Keef will have to re-invent and come up with lyrics and music that people other than his friends like. His persona makes Jay Z and Ice Cube look like rocket scientists. He will have to get better management, a better record label, a speech coach, a great accountant, and a fewer people to hang around. Free weed doesn’t mean friendship.

It took Keef 200 takes to say a few simple lines. His handlers, managers, agents, and finishing school teachers really don’t care about him at all. It is sad to see him go this way. When your people can’t even get you a teleprompter to promote a show, there is something wrong in Oz. Does anyone care about Chief Keef? Check out promo video.

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But check out the lyrics from him and Lil Bibby, clearly depict peace in the hood…

Love Sosa – Chief Keef

“Don’t make me call D. Rose boy

He six double-o boy

And he keep that pole boy
You gon’ get fucked over
Bitch I does sell soda, and I does sell coka
She gon’ clap for Sosa
He gon’ clap for Sosa
They do it for Sosa, them hoes they do it for Sosa
Tado off that Molly water…”

Lil Bibby – Know Somethin’

“I be with some young wild niggas smoking loud nigga

Mally got that 40 cal with him, blow you down nigga

I come to the block and post up
I don’t be up in the hood just to put no post up for my Instagram
All these niggas putting post up on they Instagram
Like these niggas really on some
Them lil instant bands
If you want smoke let me know some, we attend to that
Pull up right there where you post up, we remember that
4-5 double barrels, boy we got long noses
Let his homie know to send his mama all roses…”

Stop the killing and stop the violence. An oxymoron of sorts.



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