Forgiving Sandi and Jesse Jackson, Jr.

Forgiving Sandi and Jesse Jackson, Jr.
Jesse Jr. and Sandi Jackson

Today I will forgive former Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr., and former Alderman Sandi Jackson. The two were charged with spending $750,000 of campaign cash on personal items, as well being charged of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, mail fraud and false statements. Sandi Jackson pleaded guilty to tax fraud.

Although they bought these items from taxpayer’s campaign donations, I forgive them for making a huge mistake. Additionally, the Jacksons should pay back all of the money that was used as well as a public apology.

All of the following items were purchased by the Jacksons and should be returned to the public: Dinner at CityZen in Washington, D.C., $466.30, Men’s Rolex watch, $43,350, Personal airfare, $31,700, Michael Jackson memorabilia, about $28,000, Tobacco shops, $17,163.36, Dry cleaning services, $14,513.42, Martin Luther King Jr. memorabilia, about $11,000, Flat-screen TVs and other Best Buy merchandise, $10,997, Bruce Lee memorabilia, about $10,000, 2 Stuffed Elk Heads, $8,000, Alcohol, $5,800; Five-day retreat at Martha’s Vineyard Holistic Retreat, $5,687.75, Fur capes and parkas, $5,150, Cruise, $4,272, Jimi Hendrix memorabilia, $2,775, Trip to Disney World Resort, $2,306, Stuffed animals from Build-A-Bear, $313.89, and a host of other personal luxuries. </p><p>I would propose that based on the ability to return the funds and an apology, the Jacksons should not receive prison time. To see such a remarkable couple fall from grace is disturbing, however, if you know Jesse Jr. personally and professionally, you are aware that he is a brilliant legal and congressional mind, who just simply got “Caught Up.” Let’s forgive the Jacksons and move on. Their value is worth far more outside of prison than behind bars.

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