25 Reasons Why Barack Obama Was Re-Elected President

25 Reasons Why Barack Obama Was Re-Elected President
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President Barack Obama has won the United States Presidential Election. Let’s examine why.

1) Plenty of diversity in Democratic party and on campaign staff.

2) Dozens of campaign visits to communities with people of color. Multicultural voters win elections.

3) Respects Pro-Choice, women’s health, and marriage rights.

4) Obama catered to centrist voters. He paid very close attention to the Independent voters. Always an inspiring element on the campaign trail.

5) Campaigned in the heavily populated inner cities of Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

6) Won his own states of Illinois and Hawaii.

7) Obama maintained a definitive political position.

8) Obama connected with voters under the age of 46 years old. He acknowledged people other than baby boomers.

9) Did not insult the 47%.

10) Allowed the American public to guide the political ship and not the far left or right.

11) Credit card legislation

12) Promoted wind, solar, and alternative fuel sources.

13) Ordered the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

14) Issued Hate Crime legislation.

15) Established an environment for affordable health care for all citizens and an allowance of children in their 20’s to remain on their parents’ insurance.

16) Cash for Clunkers.

17) Student loan interest rates reduced and the consolidation process made more simple.

18) Saved the auto industry with stimulus.

19) Stopped wars.

20) Looks great in a suit.

21) Behaves as a gentleman at all times.

22) Incredible family man.

23) 7.9% unemployment allowed President to skate just under The Eight. Whew.

24) Didn’t use fear as a tactic to scare voters.

25) Strong incumbent in a country that is searching for a leadership miracle worker.

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