10 Reasons Why Mitt Romney Lost Election

10 Reasons Why Mitt Romney Lost Election
Photo: Nicholas Kamm

Mitt Romney has lost the United States Presidential Election. Let’s examine why.

1) No diversity in Republican party or on campaign staff.

2) Very few campaign visits to communities with people of color. White only votes no longer win elections.

3) He insulted the rights of women by not being respectful to Pro-Choice advocates.┬áReduced females to “binders of women.”

4) Romney never catered to the centrist voters. He grossly neglected and disregarded the Independent voters. He never appeared human on the campaign trail.

5) He didn’t campaign in the heavily populated inner cities of Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

6) Romney lost the state where he was once governor. How could he lose Massachusetts? Wow. Hubris. Overweening pride.

7) He had no definitive position about anything…back and forth…wishy…washy.

8) Romney never tried to connect with anyone under the age of 46 years old. You have to acknowledge people other than baby boomers.

9) Insulted the 47%.

10) Allowed the far right to guide his ship – Romney should have had compromise meetings with Hannity and Limbaugh. They drove the Republican platform right into the ground with mean spirited rhetoric and racist venom.

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