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Blast from the Past: Hotwheels and He-Man in LaGrange

Remember He-Man, She-Ra and their arch nemesis, Skeletor?  They’ve been alive and well and living in LaGrange, incognito since their 80’s tv fame. And now, you have the power to help rescue and relocate the Masters of the Universe from suburbia. Maybe to that empty shelf in your bedroom? It’s all happening at this Retro... Read more »

This Big Historic Estate Sale Starts Thursday

This Big Historic Estate Sale Starts Thursday
A big estate sale starts Thursday and runs through Sunday this week.  It holds the artifacts from a wealthy family who owned the Evergreen Golf Club. Its last matriarch lived her entire 103 year life on the family property at 91st and Western. Anna May Ahern, “Babe” to her friends, saw some old school Chicago... Read more »

Go Ahead and Gawk: Scotte Pippen's Estate Sale This Weekend in Highland Park

What’s for sale at #33’s former estate, a 21-room house in Highland Park? When he moved out in 1996, he left behind artwork, furniture, clothes, dolls, jewelry, and plenty of sports memorabilia. A collection of Pippen’s former stuff, as well as items left behind by the the most recent occupants, will be on sale this... Read more »

Great Estate Sale Finds: My Weekend Haul

It was admiration at first site for this chest of drawers at the collector’s estate sale in Glencoe.  But it was a project, and I had to stand there and consider it for a good half hour.  Did I need another project (meaning my husband, really)? Three of the five drawers were in pieces, and... Read more »

Cari Cucksey of Cash & Cari Answers Your Questions

What do you think of the show and star, Cari Cucksey, on HGTV’s Cash and Cari? I’m going out on a snarky limb here, but I think the show makes the estate sale business look far too simple.  It’s a tough, complicated and often grimy endeavor to put the artifacts of a life up for... Read more »

My Weekend Haul in Glencoe

My Weekend Haul in Glencoe
While lots of my neighbors were was standing in line at Border’s – sadly, the store near me is one scheduled to close, so big sale – I headed north to two estate sales in Glencoe.  One was amazing for the sheer volume of holiday and Ukranian tchotchke, and the other for the pretty antiques... Read more »

An Estate Sale Down a Hidden Lane in Winnetka

It says something—well, a lot really—that I’m already writing about the coming weekend. Here’s an unadvertised sale coming up on Friday and Saturday.  It won’t be posted in the Reader, or on Craigslist, but if you subscribe to the McDrew Sales newsletter for $5, you’ll get a notice of each sale by snail mail. ... Read more »

Urban Scavengers: Shop Here This Weekend

Mid-Century Modern SaleThey’ll treat you right here with a deal on Danish Modern you can’t get anywhere else in the city.  Beer and a shot, karaoke, social proof that An Orange Moon knows how to have fun.  An Orange Moon Expansion Sale.  Drive Up the RoadFine old furniture in black walnut and mahogany, original artwork,... Read more »

2010: The Year of the Estate Sale

Did you see last week’s article in the New York Times last about the boom in estate sales?  The economy’s downturn has been good for the estate sale biz.  Both organizers and sale shoppers have been on the receiving end of benefits for this secondhand market.  For organizers, the good stuff includes: All year round... Read more »

A Starter Auction for Urban Scavengers

Paddles ready? I’ve heard through the dealer grapevine that this place is a good, low key place to start if you’d like to experience an auction. Sales happen twice a month at Direct Auction, Touhy and Western in Chicago, with previews on Monday and the auction on Tuesday.  According to my dealer sources, the waiting... Read more »