DIY Monday: Customize an Ikea Chair

I gave individuallity to a plain wood Ikea chair this week, using its rungs to advertise its purpose in life.  Above is the before condition of the chair.

Somebody had tried darkening the original finish with a coat of stain, then cast it out to the garbage gods.

Here’s the after shot:

I used Montana Gold spray paint (love
the qualities of Montana paint) in two colors:  Shock Turquoise Light
and Mango, a scavenged piece of 1/2″ thick wood, a jigsaw and two clamps

Process: To start, I fished an empty cereal box out
of the recycling to make a template of the mighty capital S.  I cut it
out, then traced around it on the surface of the scavenged piece of

Next, I cut out the wood S.  I used a jigsaw, which made it a slow
process, since the task really required a more powerful too, such as a
band saw. Lacking it, I used the vintage jigsaw my dad gave me ages ago,
stopping often because the small but persevering saw overheated.

With the cutting complete, I took out a sheet of 150 grit sandpaper
and used it to smooth the edges of the letter.  Then I was ready to
spray paint, first doing the chair turquoise. When dry, I marked off the
chair rungs with painter’s tape and sprayed the S, I and T parts in

To attach the S to the chair, I used wood glue on the top and
bottom.  It fit snugly to begin with, and the glue makes a sturdy bond,
but I might reinforce it with a few nails.

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  • So so so darn cute ~ I can't stand sit!

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