A Farewell to ChicagoNow

We tip our caps to you, ChicagoNow.

Over nearly a decade, FutureSox worked diligently to earn a high standard of credibility within our community. Our product grew, our followers multiplied and our content continued to flow. ChicagoNow catapulted FutureSox into relevancy.

This post serves as a declaration of appreciation toward our host that’s treated us so well. It is also the final piece posted to ChicagoNow. Beginning Monday, January 27, 2020, FutureSox will be operating independently with a brand new look. Check it out HERE.

Two team members who had a major hand in FutureSox’s integration to ChicagoNow paid tribute to a site that positively influenced our brand to become what it is today.

From Matt Cassidy:

FutureSox grew from a tiny niche blog to a respected and oft-cited media presence around the White Sox, and ChicagoNow was integral in that dramatic growth. Providing a stable platform and marketing assistance, CN gave us exactly what we needed to realize our vision.

Matthew Schwerha, and Jimmy Greenfield before him, were always there to help with guidance and the occasional boost when we needed it. So it is important to note that while going independent was the logical next step for FutureSox, our readers should not take that as a negative reflection upon the parent site.

On the contrary, I highly recommend CN to anyone considering launching or broadening a blog, either as a permanent home or as we experienced, just the right setup to get to that next level. I am very thankful for the opportunities this relationship has given FutureSox over the past eight years.

From Rob Young:

I am immensely grateful to ChicagoNow for hosting FutureSox as our platform and all of their support over the years. ChicagoNow was the perfect partner for FutureSox as we launched from our grassroots beginnings and was instrumental in our incredible growth over the years.

The countless articles, scouting reports, interviews, and analysis provided by our diligent writers to our readers and the baseball industry as a whole would not of been possible without the support from ChicagoNow. As we realize a long-term vision of launching a fully independent website, we would be remiss if we did not look back and appreciate all of the hard work it took to achieve this goal. Thank you to ChicagoNow and their entire team!

Thank you all for reading. We will see you on the other side!

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