Our 2017 in-season content - a preview

As the minor league campaigns are set to open on Thursday for the full season clubs, we want to brief our readers on what they can expect from FutureSox during the 2017 season. Some things are the same, but some are about to change.

The Writers

We have a staff of eight writers and editors, and we wanted to list them first because they ARE FutureSox. The current active roster:

  • Editor in Chief: Matt Cassidy manages the twice-annual rankings, social media presence and editing duties
  • Editor: Dan Santaromita, who runs the annual Draft Tracker, contributes to social media and podcasts, and provides senior guidance as the only remaining active writer from our inception in 2003
  • Assistant Editor: Rob Young, who provides weekly farm reporting, interviews, in-person scouting and news reporting
  • Writer: Brian Bilek is our White Sox insider, and also focuses on the draft and amateur talent
  • Writer: Owen Schoenfeld will be part of the weekly content team, and contributes to pre-draft research and analysis among other areas
  • Writer: Julie Brady will be our weekly columnist, adding a different take on the state of the farm
  • Writer: Kevin Gabinski is our News and Notes provider, and will also contribute to previews and reviews of affiliate clubs
  • Writer: James Fox is our newest contributor, and he will be focusing on the international amateur picture as well as other feature topics to be determined

There are a few writers “Emeritus” who you may see pop in from time to time, including Kim Contreras, Daniel Shapiro, Mary Peters, Alex Ernst, Jason Gage and Will Siskel.

Daily Recaps

For the past three years, we’ve published daily recaps of all the White Sox minor league action. Talking with readers, what we’ve found is that they are less interested in game results per se (which they can get from the recaps and box scores published on MiLB.com), and more focused on how individual prospects are doing. Now with the club in a full-on rebuild and equipped with a much deeper farm, the focus on top prospects is even more keen for Sox fans.

So the daily recap format will be no more. Instead, we are going to provide a rhythm of weekly base content that will look something like this:

  • Mondays: Weekly News and Notes – a recap of key news items from the farm, links to articles you should read (both ours and others’ content), transactions and everything else you need to know but may have missed. Writer: Kevin
  • Tuesdays: Weekly Player Highlights – a look at the best statistical performances from the past week, up and down the farm. Writer: Rob
  • Wednesdays: Prospect Spotlight – a deep dive into one specific prospect who’s name might be on the tip of everyone’s tongue recently. The player, and writer, will be different each week.
  • Thursdays: The Silo – for the first time, we will have a regular “columnist” post each week, covering a topic that goes beyond stats and scouting reports and into greater depth on a hot topic of the present. Writer: Julie
  • Fridays: Top Prospects Report – a look at how each of the top 15 prospects in the system (and maybe a few more) have fared in the past week performance-wise, and how they are trending. Writer: Owen

We hope this will line up better with what our readers are looking for. But we are also always open to feedback!

Other Regular Content

Beyond the weekly base schedule, we also will provide:

  • Podcasts, on an every-other-week basis, led by Brian Bilek and Rob Young with different guests each episode.
  • Monthly Top Prospect awards, provided by Matt Cassidy as usual.
  • In-depth draft coverage – before, during and after – led by Brian Bilek and Dan Santaromita, with contributions from others
  • Annual Top Prospect rankings, next one up in late July, led by Matt Cassidy but on a list built with contributions from our entire staff
  • Season previews, and seasons in review, for all seven affiliate clubs at the beginning and end of each team’s season. Writers will vary.

Feature Content

We will hit all the usual cylinders – draft, rankings, interviews, player guest posts, in-depth prospect reports and analysis, video, news reporting and more. That’s on top of all the regular content.

Perhaps most key will be our in-person reports from the affiliates, and we are planning to provide that for you this season in a big way. So far on the board:

  • Mid-April we will have a writer at Extended Spring Training, providing reports and videos of the players destined for rookie affiliates come June
  • Early May we will have a pair of writers hitting the three North Carolina teams (Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Kannapolis) for multiple games each, to include not only reports and videos, but also interviews
  • During the summer our writers will visit Birmingham, Charlotte again and possibly Great Falls (dates TBD)

Social Media

As usual, we will make heavy use of our Twitter feed to provide breaking news and more. If you’re less into Twitter, then make use of our Facebook page. And of course, all our videos will be up on our YouTube channel, where we already have exclusive video of about 60 current White Sox prospects.

Let the games begin!

Want to know right away when we publish a new article? Type your email address in the box on the right-side bar (or at the bottom, if on a mobile device) and click the “create subscription” button. Our list is completely spam free, and you can opt out at any time.

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  • Wow. That is an impressive line up of areas covered and topics focused on. Well done!

  • fb_avatar

    I agree. This site has gotten better each year since I found it. Looking forward to seeing how all the new prospects do. I also think they have a gem in Ricky Renteria. Just the right guy at the right time for a young club.

  • Thanks to both of you, Mark and Jim!

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