Seeking Reader Feedback - how do you like your recaps?

To our readers-

As we settle into the offseason, we are taking a fresh look at our content. Our writing staff want to make sure we are providing the content our readers are seeking.

One of the key topics is the Daily Game Recaps. For the past few years, during the minor league season, we provide daily recaps of all the White Sox affiliate games. The recaps include links to each box score, some highlights of key performances, and a smattering of other information.

What should we do in 2017? Below are two questions. We want your feedback! Please respond either by commenting on this article, or if you prefer, you can @ us on Twitter (where we have a poll up right now) or Facebook, or email us (futuresox at gmail).

1. How often should we post recap articles? Possible answers:

  • Every day, just like we do now
  • Once a week as a highlights post is plenty
  • Maybe 3-4 days a week
  • I don’t read the recaps anyway

2. What style should the recaps be in? Possible answers:

  • Just like today – links and a couple grafs about each and every game
  • Less about the games, more on just specific player performances, maybe with notes on those
  • Focus just on the Top Prospects in the system and how they are doing
  • Something else we haven’t thought of? Let us know!

We look forward to your input. And thanks for reading in 2016!

Sincerely, the FutureSox writing staff

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    As an avid reader of the daily recaps I do think it would be better served weekly. Pick the players like you have been doing. Always include the top prospects but some others of note as well. Give us a weekly recap on how they performed over the week. The good and the bad. Include updates on scouting reports as far as a pitchers trend in velocity, command etc. Same for hitters. I would like to see you be a little more critical of the organization's player development. They only had one position player that they drafted in their starting lineup. Plus they tend to rush good players and skip developing that 3rd pitch or hitters learning to take more pitches. But overall you guys have been doing a great job.

  • In reply to Jim Pedigo:

    Thanks, Jim - we appreciate the feedback!

  • Please keep the updates as they have been. I absolutely love your site as it provides 1 stop shopping for daily updates on the Sox minor leagues! It has been great being able to keep tabs on this year's draft class as the major league team offered little to cheer about since May. Thanks for all the great work!

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