White Sox All-Draft Pick Team

The White Sox have gotten a lot of flack for their drafts, more specifically draft spending. They have had some good picks that developed into solid ball players so let’s take a look at the best of that group for the last decade (2001-2010). This is an attempt at a 25-man roster based on the best Major League performance by these players. Some players got moved around to fit the roster better, but you get the general idea.

Catcher – Donny Lucy

Gordon Beckham

First Base – Brandon Allen
Second Base – Chris Getz
Shortstop – Gordon Beckham
Third Base – Brent Morel
Rightfield – Ryan Sweeney
Centerfield – Chris Young
Leftfield – Aaron Cunningham
Designated Hitter – Chris Carter

Bench – Chris Stewart (C), Jeremy Reed (1B/OF), Andy Gonzalez (MI), Josh Fields (CI/OF), Brian Anderson (OF)

Beckham is at shortstop because the only other shortstop option was Andy Gonzalez and Beckham started his pro career at short. In the outfield it’s pretty much a toss up after Sweeney and Young. Cunningham was chosen because he just turned 25 and could still have a productive career while Anderson is currently pitching and Reed and Fields are also in the minors. Five hitters is a large bench and Reed and Fields are pretty much redundant, but I had more trouble finding a 12th pitcher to take as seen below.

Starting Rotation
Gio Gonzalez

Clayton Richard
Daniel Hudson
Brandon McCarthy

John Ely

This is almost certainly the strength of the team. Gonzalez is a passable top of the rotation option. Richard, Hudson and McCarthy have all shown they can stick in the Majors as a starter. Ely has struggled in the Majors, but he’s only this team’s No. 5.

Closer – Chris Sale
Setup – Boone Logan
Middle Relief – Adam Russell and Kanekoa Texeira
Long Relief – Carlos Torres and Lucas Harrell

There’s a few decent names in here, but it was pretty hard to fill out this bullpen. A lot of other pitchers drafted by the Sox have earned a cup of coffee (listed below), but nothing more.

Overall, this isn’t a good team and that’s not going to surprise anyone. What interested me is that in the middle part of the decade the perceived strength in the system was outfield and the weakness was pitching. As it turns out, the opposite ended up coming true.

For reference here are the other pitchers that at least pitched in a Major League game (unless I missed someone there were no other hitters):
Charlie Haeger, Royce Ring, Josh Rupe, Sean Tracey, Fernando Hernandez, Wes Whisler, Jack Egbert, Lance Broadway, Dan Cortes, Aaron Poreda


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  • Thats a pathetic roster right there.

  • With this Roster this would be my batting order...

    1. Chris Getz
    2. Ryan Sweeney
    3. Gordon Beckham
    4. Chris Young
    5. Brandon Allen
    6. Chris Carter
    7. Brent Morel
    8. Aaron Cunningham
    9. Donny Lucy

  • In reply to LandoBate:

    Yeah that's not a pretty lineup, but it's a young lineup. There's still some potential there.

    In reality a Major League team has players from more than 10 years in the draft as well as foreign signings, so it's unfair to expect a competitive Major League team. It was just a fun exercise.

  • In reply to DannySantaromita:

    And to be fair if I include all active players you can add Jon Rauch, Matt Guerrier, Aaron Rowand and Mark Buehrle. That becomes a pretty solid pitching staff and Rowand fills out the outfield nicely. Still lacking with the lineup though.

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