FutureSox Post-Season Top Prospects List

FutureSox has published our 2010 Post-Season Top Prospects list! We publish the list three times a year – early April just as the minor league season begins, July after the draft picture gets solidified and the minor leaguers have part of a season under their belts, and then in the fall after the minor league and AFL seasons are completed. The list is created by a voting system, much like AP college sports rankings, with the votes coming from a number of our most knowledgeable prospect gurus.

Despite improved draft quality in the past three seasons, the White Sox system is still very thin on talent.  To make things worse, the system was further thinned out this season by significant injuries (Jared Mitchell, Trayce Thompson, Charlie Shirek, Dan Remenowsky), illness (Josh Phegley), and trades (Dan Hudson, David Holmberg).  So don’t expect to be blown away by the list this time around.

That said, there is talent in any system, the Sox included.  The top six names on this list were all in the top seven last time around (Hudson being the other one), with Chris Sale taking the number one slot after bolting from the draft to the majors in a single season.  After those six list gets a lot more murky.  Shortstop Eduardo Escobar has been climbing quickly up the list and is now at number 7, after a solid season and a very nice Arizona Fall League campaign.  Escobar’s glove has always been considered very plus, but now his bat seems to be coming around as well.  Recently drafted pitchers Jacob Petricka and Addison Reed join the top ten this time around after solid 2010 campaigns, and Jordan Danks stays in that group as well, despite his problems with strikeouts.

New to the post-season list is Brazilian pitcher Andre Rienzo, who jumped all the way to 12th flashing plus stuff and very solid peripherals.  Infielder Tyler Saladino (20th), pitcher Matt Heidenreich (23rd), and catcher Michael Blanke (25th) are all also new entries among the Top 25.  Big upward movers since the mid-season list include 2010 draft pick Andy Wilkins (jumped from 33rd to 16th), pitcher Charlie Leesman (30th to 18th), and Escobar (16th to 7th).  On the down side, Jhonny Nunez dropped from 23rd to 34th, and Kyle Colligan fell from 29th to 37th.  CJ Retherford, Brady Shoemaker, Steven Upchurch, Jose Martinez and Darwin Matos fell off the list entirely.

Below is the list, showing their current and previous rank, and change from the mid-season list.  The maximum number of points is 150… 

Rank Player Points Previous Change
1 Chris Sale 150 3 +2
2 Dayan Viciedo 145 2 none
3 Brent Morel 137 6 +3
4 Jared Mitchell 135 5 +1
5 Tyler Flowers 127 4 -1
6 Trayce Thompson 126 7 +1
7 Eduardo Escobar 119 16 +9
8 Jacob Petricka 113 10 +2
9 Jordan Danks 108 8 -1
10 Addison Reed 104 14 +4
11t Brandon Short 86 15 +4
11t Andre Rienzo 86 n/a NEW
13 Gregory Infante 85 20 +7
14 Miguel Gonzalez 82 11 -3
15 Kyle Bellamy 77 12 -3
16 Andy Wilkins  75 33 +17
17 Ryan Buch 72 19 +2
18 Charlie Leesman 69 30 +12
19 Jon Gilmore 61 13 -6
20 Tyler Saladino 52 n/a NEW
21 Nathan Jones 50 18 -3
22 Charlie Shirek 44 22 none
23 Matt Heidenreich 42 n/a NEW
24 Santos Rodriguez 30 21 -3
25 Michael Blanke 27 n/a NEW

OTHERS RECEIVING VOTES (in order of points): Stefan Gartrell, Nevin Griffith, Josh Phegley, Justin Greene, Christian Marrero, Anthony CarterClevelan Santeliz, Terry Doyle, Jhonny Nunez, Dan Remenowsky, Dylan Axelrod, Kyle Colligan, Juan Silverio, Alejandro De Aza, Cameron Bayne


DROPPED OFF FROM LAST LIST TO NO VOTES: CJ Retherford (27), Brady Shoemaker (34), Steven Upchurch (37), Jose Martinez (38), Darwin Matos (39)


NO LONGER IN THE ORGANIZATION: Dan Hudson (1), Carlos Torres (9), David Holmberg (17)

Tell us what you think of our rankings! Are we out of our minds? How would you rank the prospects? Leave us a comment here or at our Twitter account (@FutureSox).


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  • Definitely like seeing Ryan Buch on that list!

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